You better work!

I got up this morning early like I always do because me and the Gladys have the schedules of farmers. So by 7:45am I was at the gym on the treadmill!

I spent 40 minutes listening to my favorite songs from the “1999” album and that helped the time go by much faster than listening to a podcast. Apparently music helps the time go by faster than listening to a story. Who knew?

After that I listened to some of my dancey Euro songs and anytime I am on the treadmill listening to dancey music my arms start swinging in a not very I’m just simply going for a walk fashion. It’s more like I’m some weird mix of George Michael’s “Freedom” video with a good dash of RuPaul and then mixed all up with dorky old me. I’m sure it’s entertaining as all hell to watch and I don’t even really want to know what I look like when that starts up. I can’t even help it. The music takes me over.

I, apparently, also can’t help looking like a big old pile of ass when I get home:


My face is beet red and I’m covered in a layer of sweat. Which, I guess, is what one looks like after they do exercise but I swear I see some of those girls and they all still look cute. I look like I’m about to die of a stroke.

So, I made it to the gym for a second weekend in a row to just do cardio. Go me!


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