Left hand on the barre

I wound up not doing my shoulder stretches or leg stretches yesterday. Full disclosure!

What I did do, however, was sign into PumpUp and got going on that. I set up my profile and then made my first post! This photo:


The photo on the left is me on March 28th. The one on the right is me on July 6th. I cannot see any difference whatsoever! I know my clothes fit different and I know I’m stronger so I expected to see a bit of difference. There is none!! That was a bit disappointing.

However, the people in the PumpUp community have already proven to be super nice and supportive and motivating and I can now tell myself that “I did not get out of shape in just three months time. Why would I get in to shape in just three months time?” And? Focus on what I have been focusing on, the progress I make in the gym! So, that’s what I’m doing.

But I also told myself I was going to get more serious about the food and all of that so I signed back into MyFitnessPal, I wore the FitBit, I made sure all of my apps are all talking to each other and off I went for my day.

I took the stairs at work all day.

Then this evening I went to ballet class. Not as an exercise class, the straight up ballet one. And I gotta tell ya…I enjoy it. I do. I am really very happy that I am doing ballet. But I feel like the biggest, most giant girl ever in there. I just really do. I just feel large. the largest. And I’m not! But I feel like it. And I feel like I look awkward and strange doing the motions. So you’d think I’d hate it. But I don’t! I can’t even explain. I don’t understand myself. But I did get to wear my new ballet shoes in a class, finally!


And I have tracked my food today and according to the app I ate pretty well. Apparently I need to up my protein intake and watch the other stuff. These apps better not be trying to trick me into being paleo! I will go eat cheese right now, yes I will!

You know what? Now I want cheese.

But, on a serious note, to anyone that may be reading this…what is a way for me to incorporate vegetables into my diet? Right now I hardly get any! I really should change that. So, suggestions and recipes or anything would be great. Thank you!


One thought on “Left hand on the barre

  1. We sneak vegetables into Casey’s diet by way of those fruit/veggie juice combo drinks. I make myself eat a salad at lunch. Or put lettuce on my sandwich in order to get at least some veggies.

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