Rock climbing ain’t hiking

Friday night I wound up having my friend, Wendy, and her family over for some pool fun times while my neighbors set off a really nice, impressive fireworks show. Free fireworks show! While chillin’ in the pool with friends! What can be better?

I didn’t do anything other than clean the pool that day but while the Wendy family was here we did play a fun and enthusiastic game of marco pollo. I think that totally counts.

Saturday was the Sedona hike. We were all set to hike Bell Rock. What I learned once my feet were on Bell Rock is that it is, literally, just a big old rock made from sandstone. Really smooth sandstone.

bell rock-3

I hiked up as much as I could and then it suddenly became clear to me that this would be a rock climb and not a hike. There are not distinct trails. It’s all rock. And you just climb where you can. And my fear has not reduced enough for me to just casually climb on smooth rocks without hand and foot holds and are high in the air. So, I kinda just froze for a bit and it sucked.

I turned around and tried to scoot up on my butt. But what I saw when I turned around was just wide open space and that made me dizzier than the thinner air already was.

bell rock-2

That sign clearly says trail. That sign is a damn, dirty liar!

So, Scott went on up the mountain like he wanted to and Sammy and I hiked around it. So, we didn’t just not hike. We just had to alter the plan a bit. And that’s ok. Because I could have stood there and cried and then tucked my tail and went to the car to pout like a pouter. But I didn’t. I pulled my shit together, I spoke up and said that I could not go higher, and then I hiked around and conquered a few other areas instead. So, that’s something. Yeah? Yeah.

Scott and Sammy were both very nice and supportive and told me that it’s pretty cool that even though I’m afraid of falling and heights that I’m out there doing these things. And that the next time I go to Bell Rock, I’ll go higher. And Scott offered me a lot of tips on how to walk up rock of this type. So, we’ll see!

Today I did my water aerobics and have puttered around the house off and on and I’m planning to do my shoulder stretches and some leg stretches.

I need to get all of the junky food out of my house. I’d not had any for a bit but then some sadness settled in my brain and I’ve been junky eating again. Not that I’m a really clean eater, not by any stretch of the imagination. But I was doing better. The sad and my stomach, apparently, are friends. I need to break those two up.

To close, enjoy another lovely scene from Sedona:

bell rock-4


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