So it looks like I need to catch up for the week, again. I need to make time to post all of the time instead of having to sit down and try to remember stuff.

I did wind up making a cake on Sunday and then I finished it off today. Not too bad. I mean, if  you’re going to eat an entire cake on your own  you want to space that shit out. Right? Sure.

But I also did my water aerobics and my shoulder stretches on Sunday. Go me!

Monday I did the stairs and work and did my water aerobics.

Tuesday I went to the gym. Which started as it always starts. With me on the treadmill and then doing shoulder stretches.

I did three sets of 10 free motion chest presses with 30lbs. I remember when I couldn’t do this motion and it made me want to cry. This week I did a lot of this motion and I did it successfully and had to move up to higher weights. Because I’m making forward progress and I couldn’t be more pleased!

Then I did three sets of 12 lat pull downs with 40lbs.

Then I did the vertical chest press. The first set he had me doing it with 50lbs and it was easy so I did 15. Then he increased the weight to 60lbs and then I did 10 for the last two sets.

Then I had to use a machine I’ve never used and I hated it. I did it, but I hated it. Because it was hard. But, you know, forward progress means that new things and higher weights must be introduced! So this machine was a combo where you can do overhead tricep extensions and seated bicep curls. I did three sets of 10 with 30lbs. I had no idea I was doing them with 30lbs. I now feel better about how I did with that. Knowledge is power!

Next was the seated shoulder press, wide and narrow. I did 3 sets of 10 of each of these with 20lbs. This motion used to be the one that really pissed me off and made me want to kick everyone and I felt like a failure. Well, I did them. And when I approached the end and it looked like I maybe couldn’t do it and he stepped close like he was going to assist I told him to step off. So he did. And I finished them all on my own. Big high five for that. Boom!

I finished Tuesday with back extensions. I do them quicker and with the full range of motion. Three sets of 15. For the last set he had me hug a 10lb weight to my chest. That added more difficulty than I would have thought!

Wednesday I did the stairs at work and did my shoulder stretches at home. And? I did my second ballerobica class.

Ballerobica is designed to kick your ass and, possibly, hate ballerinas. I swear to god you are in motion the entire 60 minutes. She’ll direct you to take a sip of water and before you have swallowed she is setting up the next set of moves. This class works your arms, your calves, your thighs, your ass, and your abs. There’s cardio. And? Stretching. And it’s all good except I got dizzy and couldn’t do the ballet variety burpees and mountain climbers so she had me do ballet variety lunges instead.

I noticed when we were doing the arm work that my chicken wings have disappeared. My arms don’t look toned or anything yet but there’s not a whole lot of motion going on in that lower area anymore! Yay!

So that happened.

You know what else happened? I discovered calluses on my hands! I guess from the weighs. I have calluses. And I kinda dig it. I don’t even know who I am anymore what the fuck. I used to pride myself on how soft my hands were and when I have had a dude around they’ve always commented on how soft my hands are and now they have calluses and I’m all YEAH! about it.


And then I gymmed on Thursday! Make those calluses harder!

Treadmill warm up. Shoulder stretches. He increased the weight with the shoulder stretches. And he had me do the bar stretches on the Swiss ball instead of laying on the bench. So, extra ab work. I saw what he did there.

He had me do the leg press. One set with no weight to see how my knees were. My knees felt fine and this was easy so I did 20. Then he added 50lb and I did two more sets of 20.

Then he put me on another machine I’ve never used. And it is for hamstrings. And I hate it because I don’t like curling a machine up with my leg for some reason. But I do it. After I say “I hate curling machines up with my legs.” Because I like to express myself. Three sets of 10 with each leg. First set was 5lbs and then the last two sets was with 10lbs. Which seems light but since I hate it so much it’s likely not.

Then I did another variety of chest press. The one that used to give me so much trouble when I was just trying to move the bars without any weight on them whatsoever! Thursday I did one set of 15, one set of 20, then one set of 20 with 5.5lbs of weight? I don’t think that sounds right but that’s what’s on my spreadsheet so, I dunno.

I did back extensions with the 10lb weight. Two sets of 10 and then the last set was 15.

He made me graduate on the TRX rows to using straight legs instead of the bent knees. I’ve graduated, he said. And doing them with straight legs made it so much harder and I could barely pull myself up even a few inches and I told him how pissed off that made me and he was all “Good! Get pissed! But you’ve graduated and you’ll do these just like you did the others.” And he’s right. Because I was able to do the others eventually. Forward progress. It’s happening!

We finished off with the roman chair and a variety of leg lifts. And by this point I guess the fact that I’d done the balleroica the night before and not drank water all day caught up with me because holy shit I was dizzy. But I did them. I just made him have a mat laying on the ground nearby for as soon as I finished. Bent knee leg raises. Straight leg raises. Alternating leg raises. Three sets of 10.

Then I lay on the ground and he educated me on hydration. It seems that one must drink water all days. Like, I’m going hiking tomorrow. Since I didn’t drink any water today I’m already not hydrated enough for this hike. I should have watered up all day. Not being hydrated will totally add to any dizzy feelings I have. Super!

So, that was yesterday and today is Friday. I’ve not done anything other than sweep my pool and empty all of the filter baskets and unclog the vacuum because there was a killer dust storm that blew through last night and it made everything a mess. So, that’s my story on why no water aerobics or stretching has happened. It’s a holiday, right?

Tomorrow I’m going to hike. And I’m already pre-registered for some ballet gym classes. So, things are moving along.

Happy Independence Day!


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