Digging out

So, after I shared the link to the last post with my friends there was much discussion about crotch sweat which, really, just made me love my friends more. Who doesn’t want friends that can talk to  you about crotch sweat? Nobody, that’s who.

Tuesday I took my backpack to the gym as requested and I looked a lot like this:


He checked it all out and then he put 15 lbs in it and then I put it on and then off we went to do my warm ups on the treadmill with a nice high incline and then my shoulder warmups. All with the weighted down backpack.

At one point during me doing the shoulder warmups I was doing the motion called the cradle and he said I wasn’t rocking it properly and it sounded like he said robbing the cradle and then I was all “oh, I rob the cradle just fine!” and that was silly.

Then we proceeded to make me sweat a whole lot while I did lunges and squats and steps all with this backpack on my back. It was, actually, such a great idea and we’re going to do this from time to time.

So I did three sets of 20 with each leg of step up on the black level 2 step. With the backpack on.

Then I did three sets of 15 of me squat sitting on this large tire that other people flip over and over and over. I like that I get to use it to sit down. But squat sitting and standing while wearing 20lbs on your back over and over winds up being a big old woah.

Then I did two sets of walking lunges because I was doing them wrong and then we couldn’t really get me to do them totally right. We worked on that. The backpack was throwing off my form. He had me stand super close to the wall with my face really close to work on the proper way to squat for a lunge and it was ridiculous and I was all “hey, wall. how you doin’? and then asked how old the wall was and it was a laugh and then I managed to get a few lunges done properly and we’ll just keep working on that on the nights I bring in my pack.

Finally I get to take off the pack and I’m a sweaty mess and there’s sweat marks on the handles and oh lord this is all just sweaty.

But my workout was not done. Oh, no. With tired legs and shoulders I had to do three sets of 15 squat and presses with an 8lb weight. Oof.

And? I had to balance on the bosu ball and do three sets of 15 chest presses with the 8lb weight. Then finish that off with three sets of 15 crunches on the bosu ball.

I was exhausted! But it was good.

Wednesday I woke up and felt sore in places that one would feel sore in after backpacking so that was good.

One of my co-workers received two cases of blueberries from a client on Wednesday and he shared with most of the office. All day long you’d walk around the office and people would just be chowing down on blueberries. It was kind of adorable.


I did my water aerobics Wednesday night and swept the walls of the pool. Go me, right?

Thursday I reached the bottom of my slump and found myself crying at my desk for the most ridiculous reason ever. But that’s kinda what happens when one is in the down turn of an anxiety/depression cycle, yes? Yes. Let’s not dwell on that.

Thursday I went to the gym as scheduled and my friend, Liatt, was there. We chatted for a bit and then Tyler found me and then off I went to work out. Warm up on the treadmill. Warm up the shoulders.

Backing up a wee bit, I sent Tyler the hiking exercise article that Jeff had sent me and he reviewed it and said it was awesome and he texted me to tell me it was awesome and that he’d pulled some of them out for our Thursday session!

So, he pulls out the step and shows me what I’m going to be doing.

On the first one you stand on the step and then hold one foot over the edge and then squat down with the leg on the step until the heel of the dangly foot touches the ground and then back up. Repeat ten times for each leg. First set was without a weight, the second two sets was with an 8lb weight.

The next move was the elevated lunge. One leg is up on the step and the other one is back and you’re on the toes and then you lunge. The thighs, they burned! 3 sets of 10 on each leg. Two sets with the 8lbs weight. He could tell when the thighs would start to burn as I’d make a face.

Third move was the backwards step up. Which is really exactly what it sounds like. Stand with your back towards the step then step up and then back down. Three sets of ten on each leg, two sets with the 8lb weight.

Last move was the calf raises. I stood on the step with my heels hanging off and then I did three sets of fifteen calf raises.

After I did all of that I totally felt like I’d been hiking, not working out. It was that type of tired and sore. He wants me to do these moves at my house utilizing the ledge around the pool. Do these moves, then water aerobics. I can do that.

But the Thursday fun wasn’t over! Oh, no!

I had to do these quick step things. Straddle the step with your legs then step with one foot, then the other, then down, then down, and repeat. And when I get into the rhythm of it I find that my arms are doing a dancey jazzy motion. I don’t know, man. It helps. But people kept walking past and I felt like they were in my personal space and I lost my rhythm. My quick steps are not so quick, y’all. It’ll get better. I did two sets of twenty with each leg on that one.

Then he made me squat sit all the way down onto the step and then stand right back up. Holy shit balls. The first time I’d use my arms like some old man sitting in his recliner. The second set I tried to just do it without the dramatic flailing. It worked pretty good.

After that he said that we were going to have some fun but first he wanted to see me do a plank for as long as I could. I had no idea how long I could hold a plank. Seems I could hold one for 50 seconds and then another for 54. Go me! He showed me the proper position for my arms and that made all the difference in the world.

Now? Time for the fun!

Slam the 10lb medicine ball down five times then take off running to the other end of the track and back and then slam the medicine ball again five times and then run again! And I did it and I didn’t feel like dying! Wooooo!

Then we kinda talked about how shitty I’d been eating this week and I explained it was because I couldn’t drag my ass to the store and I made weird decisions when I did cook and blah blah I’ll do better.

Friday I did nothing in the form of exercise. I was tired and sore, man.

Today, however, I woke up and did my morning housey stuff then I went to the gym. All on my own. Without a session with Tyler. Just me and the gym. I walked on the treadmill for an hour at varying speeds and inclines for a bit over 3 miles.


When I stopped my legs were toast and my knees hurt. But dammit, I did it. I got some cardio in there and I suspect I’m going to make this part of my schedule.

Then I went to the store and stocked up on good, healthy foods.


I spent a good deal of time in the kitchen cleaning and cutting and storing food. But that’s good!

I also did one set of my water aerobics before determining that the morning session at the gym had just wiped me out for good. So I was in the pool maybe ten minutes.

I feel like my mood is stabilizing and I’m less all over the place. Which is good.

I’ve noticed that now that I have my glasses for use in front of the computer that I am not as tired as I used to be. I guess all of that eye strain was bad for me in lots of ways. Who knew?!

I’m really trying to be a healthier me here. In all the ways.


Stumbling off the track

Wednesday I couldn’t put on a shoe. I went to work with one shoe on and the other foot was just in a sock. Because my foot and my toe were so swollen thanks to the fucking fire ants. It was terrible.

But Thursday it was much improved so I put on a shoe, went to work, and went to gym!

Thursday was also Throwback Thursday on the Instagram and I participated by posting this photo on the PumpUp app:


It’s a good reminder that while I used to be a skinny mini, I was not in shape. I have never been in shape. Well, until now. And I’m likely still not considered in shape but at least I’m working on it. This photo? Is not my goal. My goal is to be in shape and healthy and all of that.

So, I get to the gym on Thursday and my foot is NOT liking being in the gym shoe and it’s making it itch and I’m trying not to scratch it so Tyler decides we’ll go upper body again. But first I do a low key warm up on the treadmill as I watch the news and then I do my shoulder warm ups. And for the first time I worked on the yoga ball without him being there to make sure I didn’t roll off of it. I’m so sturdy on that thing now that I’m kinda thinking about getting one for my house.

Then off we went to the upper body machines!

I did the HS incline chest press. 3 sets, 10 reps, 20lbs. We hadn’t tried this machine in a while but since I’ve been able to do chest presses on the other machines he thought why not. And I did it. While shooing him away from doing the assist.

Then HS lat pull downs. 3 sets, 10 reps. First set with 50lbs. The last two reps with 70lbs.

HS low rows. 3 sets, 10 reps, 50lbs.

Back extensions while holding a 10lb weight. 3 sets. 2, 10 reps. 1, 15 reps.

BM Mach uncle bench. This machine is weird and I hated it and he stepped in to assist and I said “yep, you do that.” Basically I have to push the weigh straight up and I hate that. And this was just 10lbs of weight! But it’s the motion. 3 sets of 10 but he jumped in to assist so I’m not even sure how many I actually just did on my own.

Then off we went to the assisted pull up machine and this is still my main weakness. On the first set it was 120lbs and I did 6 pull ups but he had to assist with 5 of them. The second set was 130lbs and I did 6 and he assisted with, I believe, 2 of them. The third and final set was 140lbs and I did 7 of the them without, I believe, his assistance. Whew. That was hard and I have no shame in the faces that I make and the fact that it makes me want to yell and scream.

Tyler wants me to bring my backpack with me on Tuesday and we’ll start having me do stuff while wearing that. The stairmaster, treadmill, etc. And I told him about an article detailing exercises that assist with backpacking that my friend, Jeff, shared with me and I sent him that to look over, too.

I know I’ve said it a lot but I’m going to say it again. Tyler is absolutely the best trainer that I could have been introduced to. He really is.

I was supposed to go to ballet gym today to the stretch and tone class but I cancelled that. I’m sick and don’t feel like pushing it. My weight is up and I just spend the past three days eating all of the cookies I have so there won’t be cookies in the house. Because that makes sense.

And I enjoy the PumpUp app but I don’t enjoy the PumpUp app. Because I am finding that I am still saying things in my head like “that girl is really thin. why is she worried about working out and eating better?” when I know, logically, that they are getting in shape, getting stronger and healthier. And I think seeing a lot of the really fit girls isn’t motivating to me. It’s discouraging because right now I feel like a fat, frumpy, ugly girl.

Mostly I just kinda think I’m falling into one of my slumps. And I don’t wanna.

To top is all off? I realized I have gained a new thing to be angsty about. Crotch sweat. When my friends were in town we hiked and we encountered a woman with a really wet crotch area and we were all trying to determine if she pissed her pants or if her crotch was just that sweaty. Then at ballet gym I saw a girl with the same thing going on. And now I’m realizing that I get really hot and really sweaty and in the past dudes have commented on how warm the crotch area of my person is and blah blah I won’t get into TMI area right now but it all adds up to me being at the gym trying to sneak peeks at my crotch and butt to ensure they’re not showing signs of wetness because holy shit I do not want that to happen to me dear god please do not let that happen to me.

I’ll finish there. With sweaty crotch. You’re welcome.




For just the second time since signing on with Tyler I had to cancel my session! For the dumbest reason ever!

Normal foot, sausage foot.

Normal foot, sausage foot.

I was stung by fire ants this morning on my right foot and it is swollen and itchy and tight and it hurts to put weight on the big toe and I hate it. So, I had to cancel.

On top of that I took Benadryl and then got all high and ate Reese’s Oreos and life was good. Except not.

It’s all still swollen and ugh so I didn’t do anything this evening other than go to a lovely dinner with my friends. And eat more Oreos.

I’m having an off two weeks, I guess. It happens.

Always behind

Has it really been a week since I updated?!?!? Good lord. Well, once I review the last week I think I’ll understand why and I’ll cut myself some slack.

Last Tuesday I went to the dermatologist because I have a patch of dry skin right above my lip that just will NOT go away no matter what. I researched it on the ‘net and that involved me going to WebMD and then of course I discovered I have basal cell carcinoma because that is what everything points to on the WebMD. But, naturally, it is simply a wee patch of eczema. No big deal, right? Until I get to the pharmacy and they want over TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS for the cream she prescribed. For this:

That is not $200+ worth of eczema.

That is not $200+ worth of eczema.

So I called and explained and then they prescribed me something that cost just under Five Dollars. Much better. Lord.

I also worked on Tuesday. And did the stairs, I think. Maybe? Who knows at this point. The stairs ain’t that important. What is important is that I went to the gym! And I did this stuff:

  • Treadmill warm up, shoulder warm up
  • Dumbbell squat and press. Holy moly! 3 sets, 15, with 12lb weight.
  • Elbow incline bench plank single arm hold. Three sets of a 10 second hold on each arm.
  • Dumbbell incline plank row on hand. 3 sets, 10, with 8lb weight.
  • Kettlebell deadlift! I’ve achieved deadlift! 3 sets, 10, with a 35lb kettlebell.
  • Step burpee with box jump. 3 sets of 10. Bupees remain something I do not like. My hiatal hernia, really. I wanna puke every time and I know it’s just that up and down bouncing around motion.
  • Hand side steps. I think this was like a plank with my hands on the step and then I alternated putting one hand on the ground. Three sets of 10 on each hand, so 20 motions each set.
  • I’m pretty sure we finished with back extensions but who the hell knows at this point. It’s not on the spreadsheet but I kinda recall thinking I did them twice in one week.

Then I left! I don’t remember what happened outside of that. That was almost a week ago. I feel like there was something I wanted to point out but….yeah. Gone.

Wednesday morning I woke up and discovered my cat had defecated in her kitty tree and then decided to just stay there with it. That was the sign I needed that it was time to say good-bye. She’s been sick for a while and I’ve been concerned that she wasn’t getting better and that she did not have a good quality of life but I’ve never had a cat so I had no real idea how to gauge. This? Was the gauge. This made it time. So I went to work and I sat on it for as long as I could until I had the strength to call and schedule the appointment. I have never had to do that. It was hard.

Ziti, the pirate kitty

Ziti, the pirate kitty

Then on my way home from work I stopped at my friend’s house to find out how to care for all her her animals while they were all out of town and one of them, too, is dying. So Wednesday just had a whole lot of sad. On top of all of that? My period arrived. So, I didn’t really do anything that evening in the way of exercise. I think I get a pass for that.

Thursday I went to work and the eye doctor. I found out I need to wear glasses while I’m on the computer. I picked out frames. They look like this:

Purple glasses, of course.

Purple glasses, of course.

So, yeah. This week was a week of me taking care of more of my body than my muscles and taking care of the various animals in my life.

Thursday I went to the gym. I told him I was a train wreck in my lower body and my mind. I explained about the kitty and the legs and he was all “why are your abs sore?” and I was all “they’re not” and gave him a patented Andrea look and he was all “Oh.” and off we went for the Thursday workout:

  • treadmill warmup, shoulder warm up
  • HS Chest Press. 4 sets! 15, no weight. 12, 10lbs. 10, 15lbs. 7, 20lbs. He would move in to help and I’d shoo him away. I’m getting good for that.
  • Back extensions. 4 sets! First set was 10 with a 10lb weight. The next three were 12 with the 10lb weight.
  • BM Rows. Three sets of 10. First set was with 50lbs and that was too easy so the next two sets was with 70lbs!
  • BM Seated Machine Shoulder Press (wide). 3 sets, 10, 45lbs. I struggled with this amount of weight but dropping down would have been too easy. He has me do as many as I can on my own and then once he sees the motion stop he steps in. He is getting to where he doesn’t step in as soon as I struggle. He’s taught me how to push myself and I like that.
  • Tricep cable rope pull downs. 3 sets, 10, 30lbs.
  • Tricep cable rope overheads extensions. First, I hit myself on the head. Because of klutzy. Also? As he was showing me the move and how to do it I was watching him with this “Ummmmm…..suuuuuure” look on my face and one of the other trainers was watching me. That was awesome. So these were also 3 sets, 10, 30lbs.
  • Dumbbell bicep curls. 3 sets, 10, 10lbs. Because my arms were dying at this point.
  • Pushup pyramid on the incline smith. As he was explaining what I was going to do here I asked him if he’d ever watched “Arrow” and I told him about how Arrow does the pull ups on this thing and then throws himself and the bar UP to the next level without use of the ground and how the actor that plays Arrow indicated at ComiCon that, yes, in fact, he was really doing that. I asked Tyler if he could and he said he didn’t know, he’d never tried. And then we joked that was my next goal. But we both know the deal there. I did 3 sets of 10 pushups here.
The gym spruced itself up a bit.

The gym spruced itself up a bit.

Friday I went to work and who knows if I did the stairs or anything because Friday was the day I had to take my cat to the vet and say good-bye. The vet and the staff were amazing and made me feel so much better about my decision and it went as well as putting a pet to sleep can go and I said my good-byes and gave her love and asked for her kitty paw in clay to go with my dogs. Then I came home and gave Gladys the speech about staying healthy and with me for a long, long time.

She'll do what she can.

She’ll do what she can.

Saturday I went to the pool store and bought a 40lb bucket of chlorine and felt so pumped up over deadlifts that I used it to do some more to get it from the car to the pool supply area in the back of the house.

Improv class!

Improv class!

Sunday I went to ballet gym and did the stretch and tone class and good lord! That instructor stretched and toned the shit outta my legs and hips. As I sit here typing this right now I am one sore mutha!

Left hand on the barre to start.

Left hand on the barre to start.

Then there was a hugemongous storm that blew through my neighborhood and I had to use a lot of energy to clean up the pool.

Eucalyptus trees are only fun if koalas are involved and even then I have my doubts.

Eucalyptus trees are only fun if koalas are involved and even then I have my doubts.

Then I went to sleep because I was physically and emotionally tired.

I woke up this morning to discover that all of my hard work was mostly for naught because another storm went through the area and there was more eucalyptus in the pool. Fun stuff.

I did the stairs at work. I cleaned the pool. I cleaned the patio a wee bit. I made spaghetti and added vegetables to the sauce. I did my shoulder stretches. I did a workout that the PumpUp app put together for me. And then I sat down to type this.

And now I should go to sleep. Because of that tired thing.

Left hand on the barre

I wound up not doing my shoulder stretches or leg stretches yesterday. Full disclosure!

What I did do, however, was sign into PumpUp and got going on that. I set up my profile and then made my first post! This photo:


The photo on the left is me on March 28th. The one on the right is me on July 6th. I cannot see any difference whatsoever! I know my clothes fit different and I know I’m stronger so I expected to see a bit of difference. There is none!! That was a bit disappointing.

However, the people in the PumpUp community have already proven to be super nice and supportive and motivating and I can now tell myself that “I did not get out of shape in just three months time. Why would I get in to shape in just three months time?” And? Focus on what I have been focusing on, the progress I make in the gym! So, that’s what I’m doing.

But I also told myself I was going to get more serious about the food and all of that so I signed back into MyFitnessPal, I wore the FitBit, I made sure all of my apps are all talking to each other and off I went for my day.

I took the stairs at work all day.

Then this evening I went to ballet class. Not as an exercise class, the straight up ballet one. And I gotta tell ya…I enjoy it. I do. I am really very happy that I am doing ballet. But I feel like the biggest, most giant girl ever in there. I just really do. I just feel large. the largest. And I’m not! But I feel like it. And I feel like I look awkward and strange doing the motions. So you’d think I’d hate it. But I don’t! I can’t even explain. I don’t understand myself. But I did get to wear my new ballet shoes in a class, finally!


And I have tracked my food today and according to the app I ate pretty well. Apparently I need to up my protein intake and watch the other stuff. These apps better not be trying to trick me into being paleo! I will go eat cheese right now, yes I will!

You know what? Now I want cheese.

But, on a serious note, to anyone that may be reading this…what is a way for me to incorporate vegetables into my diet? Right now I hardly get any! I really should change that. So, suggestions and recipes or anything would be great. Thank you!

Rock climbing ain’t hiking

Friday night I wound up having my friend, Wendy, and her family over for some pool fun times while my neighbors set off a really nice, impressive fireworks show. Free fireworks show! While chillin’ in the pool with friends! What can be better?

I didn’t do anything other than clean the pool that day but while the Wendy family was here we did play a fun and enthusiastic game of marco pollo. I think that totally counts.

Saturday was the Sedona hike. We were all set to hike Bell Rock. What I learned once my feet were on Bell Rock is that it is, literally, just a big old rock made from sandstone. Really smooth sandstone.

bell rock-3

I hiked up as much as I could and then it suddenly became clear to me that this would be a rock climb and not a hike. There are not distinct trails. It’s all rock. And you just climb where you can. And my fear has not reduced enough for me to just casually climb on smooth rocks without hand and foot holds and are high in the air. So, I kinda just froze for a bit and it sucked.

I turned around and tried to scoot up on my butt. But what I saw when I turned around was just wide open space and that made me dizzier than the thinner air already was.

bell rock-2

That sign clearly says trail. That sign is a damn, dirty liar!

So, Scott went on up the mountain like he wanted to and Sammy and I hiked around it. So, we didn’t just not hike. We just had to alter the plan a bit. And that’s ok. Because I could have stood there and cried and then tucked my tail and went to the car to pout like a pouter. But I didn’t. I pulled my shit together, I spoke up and said that I could not go higher, and then I hiked around and conquered a few other areas instead. So, that’s something. Yeah? Yeah.

Scott and Sammy were both very nice and supportive and told me that it’s pretty cool that even though I’m afraid of falling and heights that I’m out there doing these things. And that the next time I go to Bell Rock, I’ll go higher. And Scott offered me a lot of tips on how to walk up rock of this type. So, we’ll see!

Today I did my water aerobics and have puttered around the house off and on and I’m planning to do my shoulder stretches and some leg stretches.

I need to get all of the junky food out of my house. I’d not had any for a bit but then some sadness settled in my brain and I’ve been junky eating again. Not that I’m a really clean eater, not by any stretch of the imagination. But I was doing better. The sad and my stomach, apparently, are friends. I need to break those two up.

To close, enjoy another lovely scene from Sedona:

bell rock-4


So it looks like I need to catch up for the week, again. I need to make time to post all of the time instead of having to sit down and try to remember stuff.

I did wind up making a cake on Sunday and then I finished it off today. Not too bad. I mean, if  you’re going to eat an entire cake on your own  you want to space that shit out. Right? Sure.

But I also did my water aerobics and my shoulder stretches on Sunday. Go me!

Monday I did the stairs and work and did my water aerobics.

Tuesday I went to the gym. Which started as it always starts. With me on the treadmill and then doing shoulder stretches.

I did three sets of 10 free motion chest presses with 30lbs. I remember when I couldn’t do this motion and it made me want to cry. This week I did a lot of this motion and I did it successfully and had to move up to higher weights. Because I’m making forward progress and I couldn’t be more pleased!

Then I did three sets of 12 lat pull downs with 40lbs.

Then I did the vertical chest press. The first set he had me doing it with 50lbs and it was easy so I did 15. Then he increased the weight to 60lbs and then I did 10 for the last two sets.

Then I had to use a machine I’ve never used and I hated it. I did it, but I hated it. Because it was hard. But, you know, forward progress means that new things and higher weights must be introduced! So this machine was a combo where you can do overhead tricep extensions and seated bicep curls. I did three sets of 10 with 30lbs. I had no idea I was doing them with 30lbs. I now feel better about how I did with that. Knowledge is power!

Next was the seated shoulder press, wide and narrow. I did 3 sets of 10 of each of these with 20lbs. This motion used to be the one that really pissed me off and made me want to kick everyone and I felt like a failure. Well, I did them. And when I approached the end and it looked like I maybe couldn’t do it and he stepped close like he was going to assist I told him to step off. So he did. And I finished them all on my own. Big high five for that. Boom!

I finished Tuesday with back extensions. I do them quicker and with the full range of motion. Three sets of 15. For the last set he had me hug a 10lb weight to my chest. That added more difficulty than I would have thought!

Wednesday I did the stairs at work and did my shoulder stretches at home. And? I did my second ballerobica class.

Ballerobica is designed to kick your ass and, possibly, hate ballerinas. I swear to god you are in motion the entire 60 minutes. She’ll direct you to take a sip of water and before you have swallowed she is setting up the next set of moves. This class works your arms, your calves, your thighs, your ass, and your abs. There’s cardio. And? Stretching. And it’s all good except I got dizzy and couldn’t do the ballet variety burpees and mountain climbers so she had me do ballet variety lunges instead.

I noticed when we were doing the arm work that my chicken wings have disappeared. My arms don’t look toned or anything yet but there’s not a whole lot of motion going on in that lower area anymore! Yay!

So that happened.

You know what else happened? I discovered calluses on my hands! I guess from the weighs. I have calluses. And I kinda dig it. I don’t even know who I am anymore what the fuck. I used to pride myself on how soft my hands were and when I have had a dude around they’ve always commented on how soft my hands are and now they have calluses and I’m all YEAH! about it.


And then I gymmed on Thursday! Make those calluses harder!

Treadmill warm up. Shoulder stretches. He increased the weight with the shoulder stretches. And he had me do the bar stretches on the Swiss ball instead of laying on the bench. So, extra ab work. I saw what he did there.

He had me do the leg press. One set with no weight to see how my knees were. My knees felt fine and this was easy so I did 20. Then he added 50lb and I did two more sets of 20.

Then he put me on another machine I’ve never used. And it is for hamstrings. And I hate it because I don’t like curling a machine up with my leg for some reason. But I do it. After I say “I hate curling machines up with my legs.” Because I like to express myself. Three sets of 10 with each leg. First set was 5lbs and then the last two sets was with 10lbs. Which seems light but since I hate it so much it’s likely not.

Then I did another variety of chest press. The one that used to give me so much trouble when I was just trying to move the bars without any weight on them whatsoever! Thursday I did one set of 15, one set of 20, then one set of 20 with 5.5lbs of weight? I don’t think that sounds right but that’s what’s on my spreadsheet so, I dunno.

I did back extensions with the 10lb weight. Two sets of 10 and then the last set was 15.

He made me graduate on the TRX rows to using straight legs instead of the bent knees. I’ve graduated, he said. And doing them with straight legs made it so much harder and I could barely pull myself up even a few inches and I told him how pissed off that made me and he was all “Good! Get pissed! But you’ve graduated and you’ll do these just like you did the others.” And he’s right. Because I was able to do the others eventually. Forward progress. It’s happening!

We finished off with the roman chair and a variety of leg lifts. And by this point I guess the fact that I’d done the balleroica the night before and not drank water all day caught up with me because holy shit I was dizzy. But I did them. I just made him have a mat laying on the ground nearby for as soon as I finished. Bent knee leg raises. Straight leg raises. Alternating leg raises. Three sets of 10.

Then I lay on the ground and he educated me on hydration. It seems that one must drink water all days. Like, I’m going hiking tomorrow. Since I didn’t drink any water today I’m already not hydrated enough for this hike. I should have watered up all day. Not being hydrated will totally add to any dizzy feelings I have. Super!

So, that was yesterday and today is Friday. I’ve not done anything other than sweep my pool and empty all of the filter baskets and unclog the vacuum because there was a killer dust storm that blew through last night and it made everything a mess. So, that’s my story on why no water aerobics or stretching has happened. It’s a holiday, right?

Tomorrow I’m going to hike. And I’m already pre-registered for some ballet gym classes. So, things are moving along.

Happy Independence Day!