Thursday I did the stairs at work thing and that was swell.

I get to the gym and I get on the treadmill and do my warm up. Then Tyler comes over and gets me and we do the shoulder warm ups. This is all going very well and I can agree that stretching helps. He was right. And I told him so.

As I’m laying down on the bench to do the laying down the the stick shoulder warm ups I’m all “my abs!” and he’s all “That’s what I like to hear because I’m super mean!” except not really. He just likes knowing that I worked hard. But then as I’m doing the over the head stretch straight out with the stick stretch move I’m all “OWMAHABS!” and he’s all “That hurts your abs?” like that makes so sense and I’m all “YESDAMMITYESOW!” and then another trainer that is standing near by and I have our very own GOB like Beads! Bees?! exchange. Trainer was trying to explain that his girl that he trains is all “My calves hurt!” but I didn’t hear the first part and I thought he was talking about me and I was all “Abs!” and he was all “Calves!” and that went on a good rotation for about 5 times and then we both realized what was going on and there was a good laugh. And then I felt less weird and his trainee girl felt less weird and that was good.

Then off we went to do work.

My legs and knees felt good, or so I thought, so let’s to squats and lunges, yeah? Yeah!

I got through 2 sets of 12 low hack squats.

Then I got through 2 sets of 10 stationary lunges before my right knee did something that made it feel like it should pop but then it never popped and holy fuck that hurt. I couldn’t walk properly for a few after that.

So off to work the calves instead!

3 sets of 10 hamstring curls with 50lbs. I really hate this. I don’t like the way I feel with my legs under the curl bar and I don’t like how the curl bar thing rolls on my my calf and I just don’t like it. But it was easier than before so there’s that.

Then I did 3 sets of 20 standing calf raises with 25 pounds. Between this and my visits to ballet gym I should eventually have some smoking calves.

Next up was the bench press. And, again, I was able to do it. With control and form and ease and a smile on my face. I really, truly, cannot explain how I feel when I’m successfully bench pressing. I can honestly say that I never once sat down and thought “man, if only I could bench press some weight.” Never. But here I am. Doing it. And feeling damn proud that I can. I don’t understand it but that’s ok. So I did 2 sets of 10 with a 40lb weight and then 1 set of 10 with a 50lb! It wasn’t as easy and my form was a wee bit sloppy on that one but I did it. And felt awesome.

Then I did some seated dumbbell bent over back flies. These are hard. My shoulders are still weak in this regard, I guess. I did 3 sets of 12 with 7.5lb weights.

Then he made me face the mirror and to dumbbell curl and presses. In the past I’ve been all “why must I look in the mirror, I hate it.” But for some reason on Thursday I just did it. And I looked at myself. I didn’t try to look away or whatever. I watched myself do these curls and presses with 7.5lb weights and it was good. Three sets of 12 of these.

Then I had to do bicep curls. Three sets. First set was 10 with a 20lb weight. Then 15 with a 20lb weight. Then 10 with a 30lb weight.

Then reverse grip bent over rows. These bent over row things are really easy for me and always have been. I did three sets. 10 with a 20lb weight. 20 with the 20lb weight. Then 20 with the 30lb weight.

Then I had to do standing overhead tricep extensions. That was hard. He had to help me keep my elbows where they should be. They want to spread instead of staying close to my head. My elbows are whorish. But I did 3 sets of 10 with 20lbs.

I didn’t do anything in the way of exercise yesterday and I ate like a person that eats ridiculous things all of the day. And went out and had fun like people do on a Friday night and I had too many beers. So far today I’ve recovered from a hangover and watched the rest of Season 2 of Orange is the New Black. I should go water aerobics or something. I will, at least, stretch, since I didn’t get to last night.

I’m also contemplating cake. Like a person that likes cake. We’ll see. I mean, I did benchpress really well. That deserves a celebration, right? Yeah.


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