I haven’t been able to go back to ballet gym as their schedule is not a set one, it’s fluid. So, that kinda stinks. But, you know, life is like that sometimes.

I did my water aerobics on Monday. I noticed on Sunday they were getting easier and I wasn’t as winded after each set so I increased how many reps I do, which decreases the sets, but totally increases my heart rate and how winded I am. And I noticed I’m able to do the running sprint across the pool quicker. It’s all good stuff.

And? I did some light stretching.

Here’s the thing…I’m trying to catch up with this season of “Orange is the New Black” while also doing my water aerobics, stretching, AND getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

It seems I cannot do it all. I get up at 4:45am every work day. So that means I’d have to go to bed at 8:45 each night. On the nights I don’t gym I get home before 5. On the gym nights I’m home between 6:30 and 7. And I have a dog. And a cat. And a house. And laundry. And life, you know? I cannot do it all. But, dammit, I’m trying. And? Not getting the 8 hours of sleep that I feel makes me at my best. Somethings gotta give, right?

Anyway. I’ve taken the stairs at work all week. My right knee clicks going down but there is absolutely no pain involved so that’s a good things. And I noticed that I was able to walk up the stairs much faster today. I”m still winded, yes, but speed has increased and recovery has gotten quicker. Woo.

I’ve been eating the chicken and the fruit and not drinking coffee at the office and snacking on nuts and fruit and I have had a headache and felt like ass.

Yesterday I was at my peak sad. And it was noticed even though I was trying to not let it be. A co-worker asked. A friend that couldn’t even see me asked. So, when I left work to head to the gym I first just sat in my car and cried really hard for 20 minutes. And that helped. No more headache. No more feeling like ass.

I drove to the gym and cried for another 20 minutes. Then I pulled myself together and went into the gym determined to just get through it.

I did more than just get through it. I enjoyed it. And I felt so much better when I left. I didn’t talk and laugh as much because of the sad, but I did talk and laugh. I am still me. I just got through more exercise and less goofy.

I warmed up on the treadmill and Tyler reminded me to go over and stretch my shoulders so that is how I started things out.

Tyler wanted to start off with abs so we’d get through them because he wanted to do serious stuff. And serious stuff we did. And I noticed that the move that I used to call the panda bear is much more sturdy and fluid and less rolly poly on the bosu ball. Much improvement. So strength. Wow fitness.

So, here’s the breakdown of the ab stuff:
3 sets of 20 alternating knee to elbow crunches on the bosu ball.
3 sets of 20 alternating hand to foot (panda bear) crunches on the bosu ball.
3 bosu ball V holds.

At first he wanted me to do the V hold while twisting to each side with a weight. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHA! This is where the giggles entered. I could barely do the damn hold, y’all. How was I supposed to twist?! So he then decided I needed to do 60 second V holds. The first one was a series of, like, 15 seconds then 8, then 20, and then however many more until I got to 60 finally. The second attempt was better. The third one he laid down the law – two 30 second ones. And I did it. And boy howdy was it hard and boy howdy do my abs hurt and boy howdy when did I start saying boy howdy?

I got a high five for digging down deep to get those two 30 second V holds done. Woo!

In between each of these ab rotations I did 25 jumping jacks. So that was three sets of 25 jumping jacks. And while I was doing one set I saw a girl with a tank on that said “I’m training for a marathon! (on Netflix)” and I smiled at her and tried to acknowledge why I was smiling but I think I just made it weird. It was my very own awesome ‘possum moment. Sweet.

Then we went on over to the machines and I did the vertical chest press. And? It was easier than it has ever been. I know how to get the strength. I know how to hold my arms. I know how to engage my muscles to push. It’s all coming together. So I did three sets of 15 of these. First set was with 50lbs and then the last two was with 60lbs.

You know what I can’t do yet? A pull up. You know what else I can’t do? More than two unassisted assisted pull ups. He had me do three sets of 6. And I’d get two done and then he’d jump in with the assist. I got assistance on the assisted pull ups. That’s where I am with that.

Then I had to do cable bicep curls. Bicep curls are usually no problem. On the cable machine? Fucking hell. So hard. Three sets of ten with 30lbs.

The tricep push downs that I usually have issue with? Not on the cable tricep push down machine thinger. Nope. I did one set of 20 because the 40lbs was very easy. The next set was 15 with 50lbs. And the last set was 10 with 60lbs.

Apparently different machines do the same motions in different manners. He tries to explain. I keep not really understanding it.

But that was the Tuesday work out. And it was really good. And I left feeling much better. And I haven’t cried, felt sad, or had a  headache since I let it all out and then broke my abs in the gym.

Today I, as previously mentioned, took the stairs and was all speedy on them. Or, well, speedy for me. And then I did my water aerobics. And I have not yet stretched but I will go do that. And? I’ll try to watch another episode of OITNB. Because it’s a fantastic show!

One day I shall figure out how to fit all of this in AND get the 8 hours of sleep in which I crave. Someday.


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