early birds and worms or something

For the Level 1 ballet class you don’t have to wear any sort of traditional ballet attire. They only require that you wear socks or ballet slippers. No bare feet or shoes. I didn’t have ballet shoes so I wore these awesome socks:


I know. I’m very fashionable. Until I saw myself in the mirror. It was all ok, really, except the capri yoga pants I wore are flare legged. That looks dorky as all hell while doing ballet so I’ll have to get at least one or two pairs of dance leggings. Like those awesome skull ones that I so totally want to splurge and buy.

So, today I decided that I should buy actual ballet slippers since I’m going to be doing this. A co-worker friend of mine told me about a dance store on my way to the gym. I Googled it and got the directions and the name and came up with a plan.

I found myself doing pointy toes and leg circles while I waiting for my food to heat in the microwave. My kitchen ballet is getting official, man! Woo!

I went to the dance store on my way to the gym and I told one of the ladies working there what I was looking for and she helped me find the right size and then for less than $20 later (wooooo!) I walked out with these fancy things:


I feel so legit.

Then I went to the gym and I arrived thirty minutes early so guess what? I went on in and I walked a mile on the treadmill to warm up. I did a variety of inclines and speeds and then I did some of the shoulder stretching exercises and then I saw the time and went to find Tyler and told him what I did and he was all “woo” and then I told him that I’d updated his spreadsheet with my own tracking info and he was all ‘woo” again. We’re both very “woo!’ today.

It seems that even though I feel better and have been doing the stretching it’s not an overnight thing and so my left shoulder still hurt a bit when I did certain things and my knees hurt if I do a really low squat.

So, I did three sets of 15 dumbbell chest presses on the swiss ball with 12lb weights. I do these with good form, with decent speed, and showing good progress and improvement there.

Two sets of 10 dumbbell bicep curls with 8lb weights and one set of 15 because I could. We tried to add in a shoulder move but my left shoulder said “no, thank you, please.”

Three sets of 20 shoulder press and overs with a 12lb weight stick. I had no idea it weighed that much until just now. He’s very sneaky.

I then had to push the sled the length of the field 4 times with 45lbs on it. That does not include the weight of the sled which is estimated at 50lbs. I started strong. The last rep damn near killed me.

After I pushed the sled I’d have to do 25 jumping jacks. Then 15 sit ups with my toes tucked under the sled. For some reason I’m thinking I forgot that I was supposed to do 15 and I only did that the first and second time and then the last two times were 10. I could be wrong, but that’s what I’m thinking went down.

He then showed me more shoulder stretches he wants me to do and sent me on my way.

I am not seeing any weight loss on the scale. At all. Which I already said is not a big deal but I think we all know I’m lying. But what I did notice is that the yoga pants I’m wearing today are quite a bit looser than usual. So, I’m obviously changing my body in some way that’s not measured simply by the scale. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy seeing that but at least I can tell with this. It’s a good feeling. My baggy yoga pants. Woo!


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