Releve In First

Saturday I started doing my water aerobics. And it was, actually, pretty darn fun. Because it’s silly and so am I. I did this video, with the exception of the crunches at the end. I also did my stretches! Well, one set. But that’s more sets that I did the day before!

Sunday I went to the Stretch and Tone Ballet class and that was a good time, I really liked the instructor for this session. I decided on a whim that I needed to get some leggings to wear because the flaired out capri work out pants I’m wearing at the gym look super dorky during ballet. Things need to be tight and  close to the body so I went to Walgreens and bought these super stylish leggings:


My sister and my niece do NOT approve of the pattern. They just don’t know how to have fun is what I think. They are super soft, super close to the body, and were $10. You cannot beat that with a stick. except they are labeled as One Size Fits All. Ummm…no.

After ballet I went home and did the water aerobics and all of the shoulder stretching exercises. I did three sets of all of it. And I documented it for Tyler to see.

Today I went to work and I noticed that my knees felt pretty good. So, I used the stairs for the first time in a while and my knees continued to feel fine and good all day.

Then this evening, I went to my very first ballet class ever. Not exercise, even though it totally is, just straight up ballet. And I really, really enjoyed it. I wound up being in a Level 1 class instead of the Intro class and the instructor told me that was totally fine and that there is no reason for me to go to the Intro. Which made me pleased. I was able to mostly keep up with everything. I’m still not super flexible but that will come with time and stretching. And my arms are messy. I don’t have dancer arms but for right now she’s focusing on making sure we’re in the right position, there’s not any focus on how to gracefully hold your hands. But I did ballet! Yay!!

But now I’m wanting to have cuter more functional work out attire and I am dead set on having these be on my body soon:

These are the dancey pants in which I was born to wear.

I’ll have to space all of this out, though. My budget has taken a real beating and blah blah blah life is expensive. And? I am finding that I have very little down time. Not sure how I feel about that just yet so I’ll keep on keeping on. But that’s not going to get me through season two of “Orange Is The New Black,” is it? No, I think not.

Tonight, when I arrived home from ballet class? I did water aerobics. I totally did. And I added a knee jump kick move that Tyler pointed out in a different video that is really good for knee pain and strengthening the knee when you are having the issues that I’m having! Go Tyler! Go me! Woo!

Right now I can tell my hips will be sore tomorrow from ballet. And my shoulders muscles are sore from ballet push ups on Sunday. Ballet is working me out in all new ways. It’s all pretty good.

Now, to add in focus on losing weight. Even though that’s totally secondary to all the rest. Despite me bringing it up all of the time. It is. Secondary. Not at all important at all…


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