Just the facts

This is going to be short and sweet because I’m tired and I’m sweaty and I feel all ick. It’s that time of the month. And I didn’t want to tell Tyler that and so when he asked how I felt I told him I felt terrible and he wanted to know what hurt and I was all oh nothing and then he was very much like “I’m confused” and I was all you don’t wanna know and then he was “Oh…yeah…got it!” And off we went.

Because my knees kinda hurt and you are all very surprised he had me to TRX squats. I went all the way down. These were no sweat. They may look like they would be and maybe they should be but I found them to be one of the easier things I’ve done. Maybe since I’ve done so many other squats now? Muscles and strength and all that.

Then I did the TRX rows. I didn’t have to do them inverted this time. But I was angled a bit more than this. So that was done.

I did three sets of 10 swiss ball dumbbell chest presses with 15lb weights.

I did three sets of 10 swiss ball dumbbell crunches with one 15lb weight.

Then he tried to get me to do a plank row:

That shit wasn’t happening. It was hard, I couldn’t get the hang of it, I didn’t feel strong or coordinated enough to pull that off. He tried EVERYTHING. We tried it without the dumbells. We tried it with just me holding on to the one dumbbell and doing the row without a dumbbell, which worked for one set. We tried it with lighter weights. I got all worked up and my mind just blanked and I could NOT do it. And I explained “I’m getting worked up. This is part of the other.” and he was all “yeah, I know” and then off we went to something else. He’s good that way. But dammit, I’m going to practice this one. YES I AM!!

Then I did three sets of 10 hack squats on the hack squatter machine.

Then I did three sets of 10 hamstring curls with 50lbs. I think he was back there helping me. He’s sneaky.

I was kinda all over the place and not very steady, even though he said I was good and balanced on the swiss ball on my last set. During the first set he stood kinda right beside the ball like I may roll right off of it onto the floor.

At one point this group of girls that is frequently at the gym at the same time as I am came over and plopped right down in our space and I could see the annoyance on his face and he was all “Come on.” and we walked to a different area and we said a few things that may be referred to as mocking. And then we both proceeded to trip over the same machine. That is what happens, people. You go around mocking and then blammo! You trip. Let my tragedy steer you down the right path.


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