Oh so long ago

Thursday seems like forever ago and I’m trying to remember details and coming up short.

When I arrived at the gym I head for the treadmill but Tyler grabbed me and asked if I could help with an IT issue. I tried but couldn’t. I didn’t even mention things like a video card issue or drivers, etc. So I’ve been feeling kinda like a failure over that. It doesn’t take much, y’all.

Then we did the usual check in on my body parts and I have no idea what was so different with the crunches on Tuesday or what happened between Wednesday and Thursday but good lord were my abs sore! So he was all “Yeah!” about that and then determined we’d just do upper body. Give the knees more rest and my abs a break. Very nice.

We went and started on the BM vertical chest press. Four sets of ten. Started with 40lbs, then 50lbs, then two sets of 60lbs.

Then the reverse grip lat pull down. When I first started with the weight he set it on he was all “no, no no!” and I was all “What? Am I doing it wrong?!” and he was all “Nope. That’s too light. You can do that too easily!” and moved it up to 60lbs. So I did two sets of 10 at 60lbs and then one set of 10 at 70lbs.

Then we did the tricep rope pull downs. These look easy. They are not. That spread apart movement of the rope at the bottom is hard! Because of physics or some shit. So I did three sets of 10 with 30lbs.

Next up is the HS incline chest press. three sets of 10 with 20lbs. Oh, no…the third set was with 15lbs because this motion remains ridiculously hard for me. Like, I get to a point and I’m pushing and engaging my muscle and it feels like it’s just locked in place and my first instinct is to let go of the bars because it feels weird and then I’m all “What is wrong with my body?!?!” and so I finally explained this and that allowed him to explain to me that that is a thing that happens to muscles when they are being worked and are tired. They stop. Or something. It made more sense when he said it and it made me feel better. Yay.

Then to the back extension machine. And? I bend all the way over and touch the floor and am no longer afraid and do them fast and he was all “Woah! look at you!” and then asked if I feel it in my lower back and I was all “Not really.” and to that he said “I’ve been waiting for this!” and now I have to do them as I hold a weight. One set of 10 without weight, one set of 10 with a 5lb weight, and then one set of 15 with the same 5 lb weight.

He tried to get me to bench press some dumbbells on a slight incline bench but that wasn’t happening because it was hurting my shoulder. That’s why we wound up on the HS incline chest press! And he had to adjust the seat and stuff to find a position that didn’t cause popping and cracking. Which is not anything at all like poppin’ and lockin’.

Then I had to lean up against a wall and do straight bar wall curls with a 20lb bar. Three sets of 10.

And? Finished it off with using the same straight bar to do some shoulder presses. UGH! More of it being sucky. This is my weakness. The over the head stuff. BUT! He tried to let me off here with two sets and I said NO! I want to do the three, even if I can’t do it for 10 reps I want to at least try the full three routine, dude. And to that he said “Yes, ma’am. I like it!”

While I’m at the gym I don’t really feel like I’m making progress because things remain hard but then as I’m walking to my car and I don’t feel like I was beat up and I look at his documentation and I see that I’m doing some of the exercises with heavier weights than when I started I realize that it’s still hard because I’m still doing new stuff each and every time! Even if it’s the same exercises, doing it at different weights makes it new! And I’m not as sore the next day, usually, and I can recognize that.

Also, I went to Costco yesterday to buy kitty litter and Coke and these items usually feel much heavier than they did yesterday! So I am seeing some progress. And that makes me pleased.

I went on my walk yesterday morning before it got so ungodly hot and with all of the errands I ran I walked well over the 10,000 steps the Fitbit wants me to.

Today I did not a lot of anything. I haven’t done that in a long, long time and I just kinda felt like that was what I wanted to do. So I did. And I didn’t put the Fitbit on at all. And that is fine. Not every day is going to be awesome.

I did go to the grocery store and bought food for the office and home and it all looks pretty good. Apples and raspberries were involved.

And now I think I’m caught up again.


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