Reunited and it feels so ouch

One thing I forgot to note about my hike to the top of Piestewa Peak is that while I did get winded, my legs felt strong for the entire hike up. I don’t recall thinking they were ever tired. That? Is a huge improvement! Yay!

Also? We encountered a woman that was wearing the same t-shirt as me and Liatt commented and she said her 21-year old daughter gave it to her and that I don’t have that and I was all “I could totally have a 21 year old daughter!” and she was all “yeah, right” and I was all “I’ll be 42 in July!” and she was all “holy crap I was thinking you were more like 33!” and then I was more pleased.

And then? I went to the gym the next day. With the sorest of sore knees that ever were sore.

I usually hop on over and get on a cardio machine for the warm up if Tyler is ready, available, or I don’t see him and then he finds me. But last night I stood by the desk and he was all “Go do cardio, woman!” and I was all “But my kneeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!” and he pointed to a silly looking machine and said “That is a hand bike. Go. Do. I’ll be there in a moment.”

I felt silly as shit doing that thing. And I told him as much. And he was all “yeah, well, your knees need rest and you need cardio so suck it up.” So, suck it up I did.

Once I was done with that I showed him the photos of the bridge in Canada that I walked and told him about the hike and he was very pleased and impressed. To indicate how pleased and impressed he was he kicked my ass.

I had to do three sets of 10 reps of the swiss ball bench press with 15 lb weights. Which, really, were easier than I thought they’d be. I could feel it, don’t get me wrong, but I was pleased with my ability.

I had to do single arm bent over rows with a 25lb dumbbell! TWENTY FIVE! The right side was mostly ok. Lefty remains a jackass and weak.  But I did 3 sets of 10 of these, too.

Then he took me to that horrible chest press machine that I love so much and tried me on heavier weight than usual. For the first set I did 8 with 20lbs. The next set was 6 with 20lbs. Then the last set was 6 with 10lbs. It was ugly. But, dammit, I do them. Building a foundation. Gotta keep reminding myself of that. I’m building a foundation.

Also ugly? The standing straight bar shoulder press. I did three sets of 6 with a 20lb bar. And good lord my form and technique were all over the place. But, yeah, doing it. That matters!

During all of this there were a few times that I’d go to move the machines and nothing would happen and I would laugh and laugh, as I do, and then I’d have to dig in and get it started and then it was fine. But the initial me trying to move it and nothing happening gets me every time. It’s funny. I’m not sorry.

The last of the arm work out was the seat neutral grip shoulder press. This was hard but I did 3 sets of 10 with 20lbs.

There was some time left so he pulled out the bosu ball and made me do crunches. First I had to do the alternating knee to elbow type. Then I had to do the alternating hand to toe type. And I laughed and I giggled the entire time and at one point while doing the alternating hand to toe type I proclaimed “I feel like a panda bear!” and he made a face and was all “Why a panda bear?!?!?” and I explained that I’m all rolly around on that ball and giggling and my arms and legs look like they are flailing about in a fuzzy panda like fashion and he just shook his head because what do you say to that, really? And then on the last set I said “I wonder if I can do this set without giggling?” and without hesitation he said “No” and that made me giggle but also made me want to really try to not giggle and then I realized that as I am doing the alternating knee to elbow move I kinda look like I’m doing a Bluth chicken dance which almost made me giggle but I held it in and then I did the panda bear one again and I did not laugh and so there.

Run on sentences are not the same as running.

He then lectured me about resting my knee, icing my knee, taking ibuprofen. Told me that was my homework. I did the ibuprofen part. And I’ve rested the knee in that I’m not taking the stairs. But I just don’t sit still long enough to ice the knee. When I’m home in the evenings I’m taking care of the pool or the dog or cooking or pacing or something. Who has time for ice? I have Icy Hot. Same thing, right?

And I realized today that I can use the pool for cardio. I can swim laps in it in the evenings! That’s going to start happening.

Tyler sent me on my way with a good job, a welcome back, and really sore arms and abs. Good stuff.


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