Up and Down

I was out of town last week for a nice vacation where I didn’t go to the gym or hike or anything like that. I did, however, do a lot of walking and I did hike a wee bit at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. I did all of the high walks in the trees and over the river and around the cliff and it was fantastic. And then we walked from one end of Downtown Vancouver to the other and walked while shopping and so it wasn’t totally without activity.

When I returned to the States on Saturday my friend, Liatt, sent me a text asking me if I wanted to hike on Monday. I said yes because I did.

So, I packed my bag yesterday and got through my first day back at work after a week away and it was all pretty good.

I get to Piestewa Peak and do a kick ass job at parallel parking and then meet up with Liatt.

In my mind I’m thinking “I hope this isn’t like starting over.” because it had been a while since I’d hiked. I did this one wee walk down to Lions Gate Bridge and had to walk back up a hill and got super winded on vacation. I’m coming to the realization that while I am working on getting stronger I’m not, really, working so much on my cardio and I need to change that. Yeah.

So, anyway, I’m all “I hope this isn’t like starting over!” and off we go up and up and up.

I get winded a bit early but we’re maintaining a pretty good pace on the parts of the trail that I’ve been on many times. We make it to the rock that we turned at last time and we both feel that we can easily keep going.

We walk higher, further.

Then the top is mentioned. And I mention I need a break and he says “Let’s at least make it to the last bench and then that will be the time that I tell you that today is the day you make it to the top.”

I just looked at him and thought “Sure, sure.” and kept on hiking on.

We made it to the bench and I sat and I rested and he said “Today is the day you make it to the top.”

So, on we went. And the path got progressively more rock and more narrow and more scary in my mind as we went. I had to stop. A lot. I’m using my hands a lot by this point.

I sit to rest and I look over and all I see is the city sprawled out ahead and below me and it is stunning and spectacular and all of the things it should be. And then? It was frightening and terrible. Because of my random fear of heights thing. So I just turned my focus to solid rock and got my bearing and upward we went some more.

We ascend this one portion of the trail and as we get there the rock disappears and all I see is more of the city and I cussed. A lot. Because goddamn that was scary. And lovely. And terrible. For a girl that is afraid of heights sometimes.

Then we get to a rock and he shows me how I should scoop up it on my butt, backwards, and shows me how. And I kinda act like this is the final straw and I can’t do it and he smiles and he says that we are literally ten feet from the top. So I turned around, I sat down, and I started to scoot.

The top is breathtaking. The views are spectacular and I enjoyed them. Through tears. Tears of relief. Tears of pride. Tears of having been scared out of my wits for a good little bit.




I enjoy the view as best as I could and then kinda stare at some solid rock to feel like I was on solid ground. I recovered, Liatt recovered, and then we started the business of going back down.

At one point I had to just sit down and explain “I live right here now! Have my mail forwarded!” because down was a wee scary at that point. But then I stopped being silly and put on my serious face, that I only pull out for the most serious of moments, and went on down.

Down was hard. But it was also not hard. But good lord my knees were NOT happy and they remain not happy as I sit here typing now. But I be kind to them and do all the healthy, good things for them that I should.

Tonight is gym night. I hope Tyler doesn’t try to kill me.


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