Where we find out I’m a genius

Friday night I did not walk. I didn’t get out of the office until 7ish and then I made plans to meet up with a new person for coffee or something and there just wasn’t any time.

Saturday I didn’t take an official walk but I did go to IKEA, which I think totally counts as a walk because that store is huge. I also, finally, got a knee brace.

brace yourselfI even wore it a bit.

I, also, wore the fancy sports socks with all the compression and added padding Friday night and all day Saturday as I ran my errands and I noticed that my knee feels better.

This come on the heels of me realizing that I wear the flattest of all the flat shoes all of the days of the week and that they are likely not helping my knee recover at all.

not good shoesThey are cute, yes. But they are not good for the knees when the knees need extra support and rest.

So, this morning I went for my walk and my knees felt fine and I felt good and I walked longer than my usual walk. The time was slower, however, but I decided it doesn’t matter because I walked more. Walking more is better than walking fast. Says me. Based on nothing at all.

And that is the weekend report.


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