Stone Cold Stunner!

I did my walk on Monday and I continued to read “Wild” a bit in the evenings and I won’t say anything about it other than that woman was a real mess and I feel way better about how I’m approaching my hike and my life and how I’ve been living even though I was living it sad on my couch. A mess! My friend Wendy said that was her goal in telling me to read it. Perspective.

Yesterday was Tuesday and we all know what that means! GYM DAY!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO! PUMP IT UP!!!!!

My knee still hurts. Which, really?!?!?!? REALLY?!?!?!? So, I get there and Tyler is all “What?” and I’m all “My damn knee! I’m gonna get a knee brace. And I’m gonna shotgun beer!” and he was all “You gonna do the stunner on people, too?” and then I was very impressed. Because Stone Cold said so.

But then he showed me the type of knee brace that I should buy and wear and I said it wouldn’t go well with my cutie dresses but we both agreed that neither would the Stone Cold variety and so I pondered the type The Rock used and I like to give people the elbow and I could really get into asking people questions and then cutting them off with a nice, loud “IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!!”

My pop culture references are very dated. I might as well go write for “Family Guy” now. Ew.

Then there was a brief lesson on why I feel shopping at WalMart kills the human spirit and then off we went. For Upper Body Workout Day!

I had to do four sets of rope exercises. Up and down, side to side, wavy, etc. It makes me giggle. What in the hell would happen if I could ever take some of this stuff seriously?! We shall never know because I like to laugh, dammit.

Then I had to do push ups on the bench. Like, an incline push up. And I did the first one and Tyler said “Good!” and I said “What?!?! That was as low as I could go, dude.” and he said “And it’s better than some. Keep going.” And I did. So there. For four sets.

Now on to the weight machines. And, look out because I’m going to use some technical gym jargon! I KNOW! Shit’s getting real. That, and Tyler shared my workout chart and I can refer to that.

First we did the cable cross reverse back flys. I did these with 2.5 lbs. And I felt lame and I whined and asked lots of questions about why 2.5 lbs with that motion was so much harder than 40 lbs in other motions and he started talking about physics and my eyes glazed over and I drooled and looked like Homer Simpson in the presence of a donut. (relevant, timely, go me!)

Then I did the tricep push downs. First with 12.5lbs. Then 17.5lbs. Then 22.5lbs. Killed it! Boom.

On to the FM Chest Press. Sounded more fun that it is, right? Nobody was pressing on my chest or touching it or, likely, paying it any attention at all. What a crock! But I did these and they kinda sucked but not as much as the other chest machine and so I asked my questions and there goes more physics and oh, look….something shiny in the distance… These were done with 20lbs.

Moving on to the FM Seated Bicep Curl. With 20lbs. Until the last set and I wanted to get 10 in so we dropped it down to 15lbs so I could get the reps in. I’m fine with that. Because I wasn’t on my couch.

Then a seated row machine. He started me on 30lbs. It was a wee bit too easy and I said so. I don’t see that notated on my chart! I should do that. But I won’t. So I did the next two sets with 40lbs.

Back extensions happened with 15 lbs.

Then crunches on the Bosu ball. My abs hurt today. I didn’t know it until I was laying in the floor giggling with Gladys. Painful giggles. And I giggle every time I’m on the bosu ball because I feel like a fat little turtle that can’t flip over and I said that to Tyler and he was all “what?!?!”

Then gym time was over! And I had a text from my friend Wendy and I went to Taco Tuesday! Because that is a real thing that you cannot say no to! Because of tacos. And Wendy time. Which meant no walk.

But I did walk tonight. And I walked the mile in 16:03 minutes. Improvement!

I’ve been doing my stretches and I’ve not walked down the stairs except for when I had to when there was a fire alarm but down hurts so Tyler said to just walk up and I said yes.

Tomorrow is Thursday gym time. Hopefully I won’t be too hurty and I can do any old thing that  is on the plan!


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