Stepping it up

I had Friday off from work but I didn’t sleep in because I had to get my puppy to the vet for her spay surgery. And then once I got home, I went for my walk. Because I said I was serious about stepping up my cardio to see some weight loss.

Then I came home and started a deep, Spring cleaning in the house. So I was busy most of the day.

Saturday I woke up and took my walk and did more cleaning.

Then today I woke up and hopped on the scale and saw a lower number. And then? I went on my morning walk.

I’m using Map My Walk to track my speed, route, and distance. And I set a goal to try to do a 15 minute mile. I have about a minute and 45 seconds to shave off my time to get there. I think I can do that.

wpid-screenshot_2014-04-20-12-32-51.pngI must hit the record button or the stop button at different spots each time because I take the same exact route every time. So I dunno what the distance difference is all about. And I must have really been smoking along the sidewalk on Saturday because my time is about the same as the other days but I stopped a few times to take some photos of things I saw along the way. Because even though I have goals and I’m serious, I still recognize the importance of stopping to smell the roses.

wpid-20140418_090518.jpgAnd so far today I have taken my walk and done more cleaning. I did mention I was doing a deep, Spring cleaning, right? It’s not really that my house was that gross. Even though it seems that spending all that time on the couch because you are sad isn’t just bad for you and your shape, it’s bad for the shape of your house. Depression hurts, people. The commercial is right.

In addition to kicking up the cardio, I am back to making time to have breakfast at home instead of picking it up at some gross fast food place on the way to work. We’ll see how that goes tomorrow but I started the habit on Friday to get that ball rolling.


I know it doesn’t look like much but it really does fill me up.

Also, yes…I eat peanut butter. On twelve grain bread. Because I do not do fad type diets. I do not judge those that do and I don’t go around telling anyone how to eat and I kinda wish people would stop doing that to me. But I’m going to continue to eat peanut butter on twelve grain toast and it’s going to continue to be fine.

I have also had time to start reading “Wild” this weekend and already I’m all “woah…yeah…I kinda see why I was told I should read this.”

Though, I will say this…I don’t know if I’m really going to experience any grand trans-formative moments during this whole process. I just know that one day I got inspired. To do more with myself than I had been. And that I’m pretty proud of myself for the work I’m doing at the gym, that I’m sticking with it, that I’m actually trying to make myself better and do things that at one time scared me. And, yes, I have been sad for a long, long time. And I’ve been lying about it to myself and to others for a long, long time. But I’ve been sad. And I’m still a bit sad. But at least now I’m being active in my life. I’m not just sitting on that damned couch waiting for things to present themselves to me. I’m an active participant in my life now. In my (almost) everyday life. And it’s good.

But this book is good. And I read a passage about her packing up her bag and then not even being able to pick it up and I laughed and laughed and then got quiet and worried that could be me. Except I’m planning for that. But I read it right before bed and then I dreamed that I was on the hike and my bag kept throwing off my center of gravity and I kept falling over to one side and then the next and I just couldn’t move forward and it was terrible. So, clearly there is some anxiety there. That or the Kaboom! fumes from cleaning the bathroom did some damage. One or the other.

So, what I’m saying is that while I am seeing a wee bit of parallels with me and the Cheryl person (but I also see myself in Ted Mosby so I may have some issues and/or narcissism going…) I’m not sure that I’m on that kind of journey here. But I could be wrong. We’ll see.

All I know is that I’m happy to be an active participant in life again. I have more steps to take for that to be a full blown thing but I’m doing much better than I was. And I am so looking forward to the canyon hike. And Jeff, one of my friends that will be on the hike with me, mentioned how much he is looking forward to gazing up at the sky once the Sun is on the other side of the Earth and all we can see is the Moon and stars and distant planets and I just suddenly felt…um…I’m not sure how to describe how I felt. I felt more than excited. It’s just really going to be amazing. And I’m going to be present in those moments and I kinda hope that they turn out to be moments that I will cherish forever.

That was cheesy. But I’m cheesy at times.

So, this weekend I have stretched, and walked, and ate less, and cleaned. And I’ve read and watched TV and drank wine and tried to keep a very exuberant puppy calm. And I’ve sat outside and I’ve worked on the pool. And I talked to my sister. And I made tentative plans to see Prince. And I was active. And there you have it.

The only bad note is that my right knee still hurts. That bugs me. I want that to stop and I’m not sure how. I read that ice, elevation, and rest are the best things. But that’s just counter productive to me right now. So, I dunno. We’ll see.

We’ll see.


One thought on “Stepping it up

  1. Sounds really great, dude! You’re really doing it and I love how positive and upbeat you sound. Good for you. Sad is totally allowed, though. Happy is just more fun. xo

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