Healing and Rest and Stretching and Forward Motion

Once I was home from work yesterday, I decided no more fartin’ around. I have to get in the routine of doing my evening walks again and so I strapped on my new shoes and off I went on my walk.

This time, instead of turning at my usual spot, I kept going. I decided to see if I knew how to get back to my neighborhood a different way that would just be a loop instead of backtracking. And I did! And it was great. I don’t really enjoy backtracking if I can avoid it so being able to do one continuous loop is awesome.

Then when I got home I checked all of the email that had come in and among that was one from Tyler. He set up a shared folder with all of my work out stats for me to look at to see my progress. And after I checked all of that out, I felt so much better. I’m definitely improving. I’m using heavier weight that I would have ever imagined I was, and I’m building a good foundation. On top of that I also know the names of all of the exercises I’ve done, too. Which isn’t as fun as when I say “I did that pulley downey thingy” and sound super girly. Which I’m not, really. Other than I like to wear really cute dresses.

Today I rested my knee some more and put some arnica gel on it to see if that would help. I did notice it was feeling a wee bit better so I did go down to the third floor bathroom a few times instead of staying on my own floor. And that worked out pretty well.

Then later in the afternoon my stomach just started feeling really just wrong and I resorted to some Alka Seltzer to help calm it down. Because I did not want to miss out on going to the gym.

So, I went to the gym. And Tyler informs me that he’s super sore and having lots of pain in his knee and I explain that my belly isn’t the happiest in the world and we determine that it’s all very fortunate that we were going to work on teaching me how to stretch today. It benefited me and it benefited him. I like that.

But first…I asked him to measure me again. I wanted to know if I’d actually done anything to my body.

My weight is the same.

My waist and my hips are the same. That right there made me decide on the spot that I’m kicking up the walks, man. I gotta do them every single evening. I gotta get that waist down. And I gotta build up endurance and you do that with cardio.

My thighs are bigger! Which he said was good because it means I’ve built up muscle in there. Which is great. Same with my upper arms. I guess my biceps? Not, like, a lot bigger but bigger.

Then? The body fat percentage test! Last time I was 33.4% which meant I was obese. Today? 30.6%! No longer obese! In the upper area of the average range! YAY!!!

Then we stretched. For an hour. And it was great. And he’ll get them on paper and put it in the shared folder so I don’t have to remember on my own. Because this is all very new. And that’s nice. I’m learning new stuff. That’s a good thing.

I came home and spent time with the puppy and took her on a wee walk and then spent more time with her and ate my dinner. Then I went on my walk. The new one I took last night. And I used that Map My Walk app for the very first time. And when I hit the mile and the app started talking to tell me how long I’d been walking and my rate of speed and all of that? I jumped a mile high. I’m not even kidding. Scared the shit outta me. I had no idea the app was going to talk to me!

So now I am home and updating the blog and telling myself in my brain to keep up with the walks and to change my eating a bit. Which I can do.

I’ve joined some Meetup groups that hike and I’m going to start going on those that fit in with my schedule. And I’m going to start walking with my backpack and just things like that here and there.

Progress is being made. I’m pretty pleased.


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