My knee was pretty sore all day today. To the point that I didn’t even take the stairs during the day like I normally do. I tried to rest it  but that didn’t matter. It was sore.

So I get to the gym and I tell Tyler my knee is sore and he says “OK, fine. All upper body work!” and I’m like “Yes.”

The very first thing he wants me to do is bench press! I have no idea how much was on there I just know it was hard. But he said I was doing it wrong and showed me how then had me do it with a smaller weight to practice and then I had to do it with the heavier weight. Which hurt. He had to make me move in all sorts of ways so he could determine what the hurt really was.

So, it was determined that my muscles are tight. That I now have muscles and I do not stretch and so they are tight because they are new and I don’t keep them warmed up because I wasn’t stretching because I don’t know to do such things.

We spent some time teaching me and letting me practice how to stretch out my arm/shoulder/chest muscles.

Then he decided we’d work my back.

For some reason he asked me to pretend I was holding weights with my arms straight out and to then lift them up and down. Which I did except I looked like I thought I was a ballerina or a bird and he laughed and was all “You’re not a bird! You are not trying to fly away!” and I was all “I am a pretty ballerina!” and then I buckled down. This was to loosen up and test the shoulder tightness.

Then I had to do a bunch of weight pully downey things.

Then I had to do the push forward machine.

Then I had to lean over the machine and lift myself up with my lower back muscles. And then he had me do those on the higher machine! And I did them. And I got a high five because this is one of those things that made me want to cry the first time he even tried to put me on it. And now? I do them with almost the full range of motion!

He finished the night by having me lay on this bench and do crunches. And that felt weird. It felt like my butt was being squiched up into my back. I can’t explain what I’m experiencing well and he was all “I have no idea what you’re trying to convey” and I was all “Yeah, me either. I just know it feels weird.”

So, yeah, I mean…I worked out. I did weight pully downy things and pushy uppy things and the ab stuff and the lower back stuff but it kinda felt like I was hindered or I was being all old lady about life. I dunno. It was all just off. But I did it. And I learned that I have, in fact, developed some muscles in there and that is why I’m more achy and sore.

Tomorrow at work I will ice my knee, raise it, rest it. I will do stretches. I will get in that routine. I will treat my newly formed muscles nicely.

I have noticed that now that I am working out I am hungry all of the times. Which means it may be time for me to actually take a nice look at what I eat and maybe make a few changes. Maybe. I like my foods. That’s why I have them!

So, that’s today. Not super exciting other than the fact that my body has muscle in it now. I should ask for that body fat test again!

Now, go stretch!


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