Mamma needed a new pair of shoes

I decided during the week that I needed a new pair of walking shoes because mine are likely about four years old and the soles were definitely showing some wear. So I did some research and mentioned it on Facebook and at the same time that I had found Road Runner Sports a friend on FB was recommending them. So that seemed like the place to go.

I went today.

When you get there they ask what you are looking for and you tell them and they offer the full service of testing your gait and all of that and I said “yes!” because I’m doing it all up. Go big or go home, right? Sure.

So I sat and waited for my turn and then they call my name and over I go and the guy tells me all that he’s going to do and then I’m all “I should have got a pedi first!” and he said “No judgement here! Roll up your pants!” and I was all “Umm…I shaved yesterday!” and he was kinda like “this isn’t a date just go stand over there.”

So you stand on this pad that is hooked up to the computer and it shows you how your feet are holding up the rest of your body. And mine, naturally, was all uneven. Because my posture is bad and I slouch and I jut out a hip and all of that. I’m all off kilter, basically. That I knew. And? It also registers your arches for that is important information and they verified what I already knew. I have some high assed arches.

Then you get on the treadmill, barefoot, and they have you set it up the way you use it the most at the gym or as close as possible if you don’t use a treadmill to how you walk or run in the wild. As you walk, they are taking a video of your feet to see how they move, any flexibility in the ankle are, etc.

My feet tow out a wee bit and I have good rigid ankles with a slight collapse in the right one as I walk.

Then they measure your feet. I’m a good, solid 7.5. I already knew that. What I didn’t know is that my heel is no longer a double-A. It’s a B! Is that because of the obese? I should have asked.

Once all of that is done they then have you stand in a squishy box while they customize some sole inserts to your foot.

After this they take your findings over to the shoe experts and they talk to you a bit more about what you’re doing with the shoes, your goals, etc. and then off he went to the back and brought out four pair that fit into all of their findings.

The first pair he had me try he put one of the custom insoles in and left the other one as is so I could feel the difference. And good lord what a difference that made! I liked this pair but I wasn’t crazy about how high it came up on my ankle.

So, to try the next pair he told me to take off the one without my custom insole and then we’d rule out shoes by comparing them to each other directly. So I had one shoe of the first pair and then one shoe of the second pair and already I was ruling out the first pair because of the highness of the ankle area in the back.

Then I went to the third pair. One of them, one of the second pair and now the second pair is ruled out because while they were nice and felt like lovely soft pillows on my feet and were purple the third pair still felt more like soft pillows so be gone with you purple pillow shoes!

I put on one of the fourth pair with one of the third pair and walked around. It cut across my toes all weird. So the third pair won.

I put on both shoes in that pair and walked all around and they just felt really good.

So I bought them.



I also bought the custom insoles and three pair of the smart wool socks to keep my feet drier and happier in the gym and on my walks.


And? What the hey, I also joined because of discounts. With the discounts I received on this purchase my membership wound up being free AND there was savings on top of that. So, that was a win.


Then I walked out of there and head to a bookstore that was having a reading and signing by the guy that does “Finding Momo” on Instagram. That was fun. I got to meet Momo and pet him and play tug of war. But that is totally not related to training for my hike so that’s all I’ll say on that.

But! While I was there I bought a book that two different people recommended to me since I’m doing this hike and I’m doing it after being on the couch and I’m likely learning things about myself or some thing like that. I don’t know, really. I haven’t started the book yet but I have a feeling once I do I’ll know why it was recommended to me.


I took a walk in my new shoes this evening and they felt really good. Hopefully the knee pain will start to go away now that I have the proper shoes.

The moral of this story is that while I’m stimulating my muscles I’m also, at least this week, stimulating the economy. I’m a good citizen of the universe.


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