The one where my ass is pretty much handed to me

Yesterday I Googled for cheap workout clothes and found that Old Navy had some cute stuff and they were having a sale that ended that night! So, I scored some workout clothes. I must be pretty serious, huh?

Then I realized that my walking shoes are worn out and I should buy some new ones. I’ll be doing that tomorrow after work. I have a store picked out that will help advise you on what shoes are the best for what you need them for. I need that.

And then I was texting with Jeff today and mentioned, again, my displeasure in my weak assed chest muscles and he asked if I was doing pushups and I was all no because I forget about them and he indicated that you can do pushups on a wall. So, from that point forward everytime I went to the bathroom, I did wall pushups in the stall. This amused Tyler. He then suggested I do them on the sink. So, I may one day get busted doing pushups on the bathroom sink at the office.

Also, since Tuesday, I’ve been trying to open all doors and do all of the things with my left arm to try to build up some strength there since my body is so very much right oriented. It’s a hard habit to break but I’ll get there.

Today was gym day and when I got there Tyler told me to go do walking lunges to warm up while he got his stuff together. I was doing them deeper/lower than ever! But then…OUCH! Knee pain. Dammit. So, he told me to just not go as low. That worked.

So, he had me do all of the fun workout that he’d planned for Tuesday.

Holy. Shit.

First, I had to hold that 12 pound bar behind my head on my shoulders and do walking lunges down the turf track. Then? Lunge back to the other end. Backwards! Which took a lot of concentration.

Then, jumping lunges things as I did the rope slam. I hated that.

Then he put a medicine ball on a step and I had to straddle the step, squat down to touch my butt on the ball, then jump up on the step. The jumping takes a lot of concentration and I flail my arms about but dammit I do it!

On the second round of the walking backwards lunges he walked with me and we talked about ComiCon. And doing that made me not think so much about what I was doing and it was easy and not as complicated.

Then he became all full of glee and was super happy about what he was about to make me do.

He’s invented this thing called Sled Builders.

He took the sled and put it in front of me. Then he took the arms off and walked them to the other end of the turf field and a weight. My task was to RUN down the field and grab each piece and run to bring it back and build the sled then push the sled down to the other end. And he wanted me to do this in 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

I should mention I ate a burrito for lunch today.

The running with my hiatal hernia on the same day I ate a burrito for lunch was a bad plan, man. Bad. Plan.

The first set took me over 3 minutes because I almost hurled.

He let me rest and then off I went. Run run run grab the weight run run run place the weight on the sled run run run grab an arm run run run place the arm on the sled run run run grab the last arm run run run place the arm then start pushing the sled and off I went.

2:34 was my time. he was good with that. I improved by 39 seconds over my first attempt. Go me! There was a high five.

It took me a good while to recover from that. Seriously. I may have even threw up in my mouth a wee little bit over the whole thing. But I did it. Yes, I did!

I signed up for 8 more sessions with him, tonight was the first of the second set. He really made it count. Yikes.


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