I arrived at the gym early today and head straight to the treadmill for my warm up because I didn’t see Tyler when I walked in. But he saw me and came on over and we chatted while I warmed up and then off we went to the main work out.

He said “We’re going to have fun tonight!” and I was all “We always have fun!” because he likes it when I’m positive even if he knows I’m being facetious. But, really, it’s a fake facetious because I do, actually, have fun at the gym. He makes it fun. He’s good people.

So he grabs this long 12 pound bar and is all, hold this on your shoulders and then do walking lunges down the track and then back again. And I said “OK” and off I went.


It seems that the little bit of cracking and popping I felt in my knee the past few days meant that my knee is inflamed and lunges and squats were just not going to happen.

He had to delete his whole plan for tonight and then come up with something new. So we did arm stuff.

I used 12 pound weights and did bicep curls, the behind the head curl thing with one weight, more pull ups on those rope things, more of the big rope slam thing, and then throwing a ten pound ball over a bar over and over.

Then I had to lay down on the half yoga ball thing and do crunches. Straight crunches and then side crunches. While balancing on a bouncey ball that just kept getting squirrely as I worked on it. Which gave me the giggles. Which make all of it squirrely. I don’t take things too seriously most of the time.

All while we’re working on my stuff we talked about comic book movies and that was cool.

Then we went on over to the arm machine area and he made me do that machine that defeats me every time. It’s the pushing motion. Me and the pushing motion are not friends. And we just really saw how weak my left arm is. I’m so right sided in my body it’s not even funny. I need to start using my left arm more for things. Any things. Open doors. Grabbing things out of the pantry. Picking up Gladys. Anything and all the things. I shall do with my left arm.

Pulling motions aren’t that hard for me. I was able to pull 40lbs of weight up and toward my chest. I still have no idea what these moves are called but that’s not important. This isn’t too hard.

So, I gotta work on that pushing motion. Get some heavier weights here at the house or do more reps with my lighter weights. Do some pushups. Use my left arm more.

Then we finished off on the thing that you lean over and pull yourself up with your lower back. I’m still uneasy on that thing because of the falling thing but I did it and I leaned over lower and did them faster and all of that was good.

So now I have to rest my knee and ice it and hopefully be able to do some lunges and squats on Thursday. Because my arms are embarrassed.

Today was my 8th session with Tyler which means it’s time to renew. And I am totally going to. I suspect I’ll be working with him for many months to come. Initially I was all “I’ll only need a trainer for a month or so!” Yeah…I was living in that pretty place called denial. Here in reality, I need to work with Tyler for many months. And that is fine. Because I’m going to get this body into shape!


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