I was cleaning piles of paper in my room last night and stumbled across the measurements I did of myself right before I started going to the gym.

When I hopped out of bed this morning I went straight to the mirror and measured myself. I have lost an inch in my waist, hips, thighs, and arms!

My weight is the same, if not even a wee bit more, as it was when I started going to the gym, however.

But…That means there’s some muscles forming in my body, right?! That what I’m doing with this gym and trainer stuff is really working. That I’m actually seeing progress and not making it up in my mind to fool me into continuing. It is, actually, making me stronger and giving me some muscle and I’m on my way to being in shape!!

Also, I remain impressed with my first thing in the morning, everything is tight and in place body. I know I keep saying this is not about my appearance, it’s about strength and being in shape but I will not complain if I eventually wind up looking like that throughout the day. Nope. Especially not if I’m also healthy and strong while doing so.

Hurray for momentum boost!!


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