Resumed stepping

I had to travel for work this week so I didn’t go to my regular Tuesday trainer session and I didn’t get to hike on Wednesday. I didn’t, really, get to do much of anything that was active. Other than visit restaurants, work, and socialize. Which was nice. But doesn’t stregthen my arms.

But yesterday was Thursday and back to the gym I went!

We caught up with each other and I expressed that I was feeling out of sorts by being back in Arizona after having such a lovely trip to a lovely town back East but by the end of my session all of that was forgotten.

I did squats with a knee/leg lift at the end of each squat. I did the leg press thing with more weight on it, I did leg curl things with more weight, and I did the leg lift that works the glutes thing. And that was the leg stuff.

Each time I go to the gym he increases the weight that I use on the leg machines. He makes me go deeper down in my squats and makes sure that I am always going forward with the leg work. It all remains difficult, I can feel it, and I wind up struggling toward the end of the 3rd and sometimes even the 2nd reps. But I do them. And the next day my legs are just not as sore and I can easily take the stairs at work. So I feel that means that I am definitely seeing progress on my legs! That feels pretty damn good, y’all.

Then we worked my chest and arms.

What I am discovering is that I’ve never really engaged my chest muscles and I’m really not quite sure how to do it but I’m working on it. The machines where I have to push the bars out and up are, really, the hardest for me because of that. I struggle a lot. But I keep pushing and making awful faces and all of that and one day my chest will be more than just a hang out area for my boobs.

He also had me do these things where I pull the weights down and that was hard but I didn’t struggle as much with that motion.

So, all of that tells me that what I need to work on at home is using my hand weights to lift over my head and to push them in an out and upward motion to help build up that muscle group. So I will!

We ended the session by putting me on the thing where you have your feet tucked under the pads and you’re leaning forward at an angle and then you dip your body down and pull it back up with your core/lower back muscles. He tried to get me on that thing the very first time we met but my fear of heights thing kicked in and I hated it and almost cried.

This time I was comfortable enough with him and myself to at least try it and I did it. And I wasn’t 100% comfortable with it but I did them all and that was really good. I was proud of myself for that one. And he gave me the high five and sent me on my way.

I can feel some soreness in my arms today and the backs of my thighs are a bit sore but I can take the stairs easily and all of that so, again, I’m seeing progress. It’s good stuff.

I’m trying to put together some people to hike with me tomorrow morning but if I can’t? I’ll just hike by myself. Because I miss hiking and I want to do it, dammit! So there.


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