Thursday gym time

I made it to the gym on Thursday the 20th. Ready to go! Let’s do this!

He had me do squats up against the wall with a yoga ball and weights. I had to do squats with a medicine ball that I then threw against the wall and had to catch then squat back down. I had to do walking lunges. I had to do something I can’t even explain on the step thing but it kinda sucked. Then I did some crunches with weight and leg lifts. Then I had to push the sled thing with 70 lbs on it. And do push ups. And the lateral bar thing for my arms. Then I had to do it all again.

He videoed me pushing the sled. I hope that doesn’t look hideous.

Then he had me push the sled and then pull it backwards. He said that would prepare me for dragging a dead body. Which was pretty funny. Because then we discussed that it would actually help me for pulling an injured friend out of the canyon. Which lead to a ridiculous conversation about splitting up body parts to share the load or the merits of leaving a man behind.

I wound up dizzy and he made me sit down. And then I felt like I may puke again but we pushed through. And then we were done!

I asked him if I was getting any better and he said “Yes, definitely.” and asked if I felt that I was getting better. I explained that the exercises are still really hard for me but I don’t feel as bad the next day. And that while the scale hasn’t gone down at all I do feel that things are moving around and that my yoga pants fit me better. So, that’s a good thing. And I hope I’m not seeing things that aren’t really there or happening.

Gym time is good time.


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