Steps in my favorite place

One of my favorite places to go is the Lost Dutchman State Park. It’s so quiet and peaceful and clear. I went there on one of my first visits out here before I lived here and I loved it. And I take everyone there because it’s lovely. And it’s far enough away from Phoenix to do some really nice night shooting of the sky and I think everyone should go there.

Well, now I also know that they have good hiking there!

My cousin came to town the weekend of March 7th and she and her husband hike a lot. So she asked if she should be prepared for a hike and I said “Yes!” so she was.

We decided to do the Siphon Draw Trail as it was one of the longer trails without being one of the most difficult. It had a really nice incline and beautiful views.

wpid-20140308_105908.jpgwpid-20140308_113124.jpgI stopped a few times and was pretty winded but Erin, my cousin was quite encouraging in that it was great that I’m out there doing this, that I’m able to keep up a pretty good pace, there is no shame in stopping when I need to, and that the point is that…I’m doing it. I’m doing it!

So, we hiked 4 miles. We made it to the trailhead for the Flatirons and it was really good.

So, here I am with three hikes under my belt and two work outs!

When I make a decision, I make a decision.


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