Squats in the gym

I have a nerd shirt for almost all occasions. Even one for the gym. Go me!

Tuesday the 11th of March we did all sorts of stuff that I cannot recall. I do know that I had to push that sled thing and for the first time at the gym I felt like I may puke.

Everything is hard but I’m doing it. I’m giving it all I got and I’m pushing myself and Tyler is pushing me and encouraging me.

The major theme here is that people are encouraging me. I’ve not encountered anyone that has judged me. Or, if they have, they’ve not done it openly. Which is great because I’ve judged myself enough as it is.

I wish I could remember more of what we did this day. I think we may have done that thing where you hold on to the edge of a seat and then lower your self down and then lift yourself up. Which was hard. My wrists and so weak. My everything is weak. But not for long!

At the end of this session he told me to do 50 crunches a night at home. That’s right. Homework. From the gym.

I did it. I did the crunches.

I’m dedicated.
Updated to add: He asked me to do the rope pull up thing again and at one point I’m doing them and looking at him and he was all “What?” and I explained “These are too easy.” So he said “Move your feet in more.” And I said “I hope you made note that I said this was too easy.”

I’m already seeing progress!


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