Second set of steps on the Peak

We went back to hike Piestewa Peak after work on Monday the 10th.

I hiked faster. We went further. It took the same amount of time as the last time!

I felt more sure footed on the areas I’d already been. I’m trying to stop overthinking each step and, instead, just place my feet. Walk. Hiking is just walking, I’ve been told.

So walk I did. And I gotta tell you, I am really enjoying this. I don’t feel like I’m having to force anything. And maybe it’s because the view is so lovely or maybe it’s because I decided on my own to do this for me, not because of anyone else.

It seems I’ve had a hidden little hiker inside me all this time.

This is the view from where we turned around.


And this is how much further we have to go:


This is a 1.2 mile hike but due to the incline it takes a long time. Which is fine. It’s really good training for me.

I’m also really very appreciative of Stephanie for suggesting we do this and for all of the encouragement she gives me along the way. She doesn’t push me and she says the right stuff.

So far the only person who hasn’t been saying the right stuff is, well…me. I’m the only one in my way.

Right now I’m just really happy.


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