Let’s get physical

I scheduled a physical to ensure that I’m healthy enough to do all of this hiking and working out and that I’m not going to just fall over dead at any point.


The doc’s main concern after listening to me, doing all of his doctor stuff, etc. was my allergies. He indicated that if I treat them I’ll sleep better, feel better, have more energy, etc.

Then they took blood to make sure nothing weird is going on and gave me a tetanus shot.


Then that evening I went to the gym. I go Tuesdays and Thursdays right after work.

We did more squats! What a shock!

But then we also did leg presses and pull ups. And instead of saying “I can’t” when he said to do something I said “I’ll give it my best!” and he was very pleased.

He put 50 pound weights on the leg press machine for my last round and I did them. It was hard but I did them.

Then for my last round of pull ups I was basically just pulling up my own body weight. He wanted me to do 1o. I was able to manage 6. He asked me how I felt about that and I explained that I was disappointed, that he wanted me to do 10 so I should have done 10. He asked if I felt that I’d be able to do them if we tried at the beginning of the session and not the end. I explained that I had no idea because I’d never tried to do pullups so I didn’t know if I could do them earlier or not and that, given that I’d never done any before, that I should likely be happy that I did 6! instead of sad that I didn’t get to 10. He then was all “there you go!” He’s very good.

When I left the gym I was tired…but I was smiling! I walked out of the gym and to the car with a smile on my face.

I’m improving the all of me. Step by step.

My doctor emailed me my lab results and they were all fantastic! I was mostly impressed that I have good cholesterol levels. People seem to think I have pretty bad eating habits so when I saw that most of my labs were right where they should be I kinda wanted to do a world tour that would just be me eating Oreos while wearing a shirt that said “Suck it, haters!” but that’s not very realistic. Or mature.

So, instead I just bragged about my good cholesterol on Facebook. Like we do.

I’m healthy! Just out of shape. But I’m working on that. Because of the improvement I mentioned up above.


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