First steps on the Peak

Wednesday morning, (March 5th) I woke up so sore. My legs were sore. My arms were sore. It was all sore. So very sore.

Apparently that wasn’t enough because I decided to go and Google my body fat percentage. My BMI is normal, I’ve always known that. My weight is in the higher end, yes, but it’s still in the healthy range for my height. However, since I’m built on a small frame that higher range just is too much for me. I’m not comfortable when I reach the range I’m currently in. But I’d never ever had my body fat percentage done.

What I learned is that I am obese. And I learned that obese is not simply a matter of being an overweight person. It simply means there is more fat in my body than muscle. That’s very logical and I know it is true. I do. I know I’ve been a very inactive person for quite a while so this is not a surprise. I knew I was out of shape. But…seeing that I’d actually allowed myself to reach the level of “obese” just really hit me hard. So very hard. I cried. At work. In front of a nice variety of people in the kitchen.

I wasn’t sad. I was just angry at myself. So angry that I allowed things to get to this point.

This is how I looked that day:

wpid-20140305_065533.jpgI told Facebook that I’m obese and of course people were all going on about the physical impression that we have of obese and didn’t want to hear my explanation about my body just being more fat than muscle because I don’t look the way we think obese people look.

My body fat percentage is 32%. Which is obese. My waist, as measured by my trainer over my clothes after a day of eating and working, was 37 inches. My hips are over 40. I didn’t note any of the other measurements. But that’s where I was when he measured me. And I’m putting it out there for my own documentation purposes and just for the sake of full disclosure. Maybe to help others who struggle with their weight or physical fitness and have people tell them “you don’t need to lose weight!” We all carry our weight differently. That is all on that.

When I went in to work on the 28th, I talked to some people about my plans and my goals and one of my co-workers decided we should hike Piestewa Peak after work. To start slow and go as far as we can and build up. I was so excited and got all sappy because here I thought finding people to hike with would be the hardest part for me and now I already have two hikes set p with two different people!

So, after I got all of the obese business out of the way, I packed my bag for an after work hike!
wpid-20140305_125507.jpgI limped my way through the day with my sore, broken body. People encouraged me and told me that it would get better and not to feel bad that I couldn’t take the stairs with my legs feeling the way they did. And that I would soon appreciate the squats once I see what they may do for my butt.

Then? We changed our clothes and head for the trail.

Now…I’ve hiked once before this. On a really easy, not too rough terrain. And now? Here I am on a super rocky, rough terrain with a really nice incline to it.

wpid-20140305_174220.jpgwpid-20140305_174235.jpgBut the girls I were with were very, very encouraging, they took it slow so I wouldn’t feel pressured to go faster than I was ready, and they pulled over to stop quite a bit. It was really great and nice.

I wasn’t sure about my footing a lot and I was so damn winded and sore that I sorta wondered what the hell I was doing. But, I kept at it. Because this is how it is in the beginning and I cannot simply stop just because it’s hard or it hurts a bit. That’s how I got in this state to begin with!

And? I’m glad I did because the views are beautiful up there:

wpid-20140305_174528.jpg wpid-20140305_174544.jpg

The girls told me how great I did and then off we went back down. We all felt great and we all said that this should be a regular thing we do, each time striving to go further.

The goal, is to make it all the way to the top. By April 5th. I’m pretty sure I can do it. Because I say so.


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