Committed steps in the gym

I go to the gym on Thursday the 6th and joke with my trainer about the fact that he couldn’t scare me off that easily and ha ha I am so witty.

I join the gym and I sign up for 8 sessions a month with Tyler, my trainer. Because I’m serious about all of this!


And we get right to it. I had to do more squats and planks and do that big rope thing and pull ups on the ropes and work on a yoga ball.

The squats hurt like hell.

The yoga ball make me nervous and I wasn’t comfortable with that but Tyler was right there. And he extends his hand out and makes me feel comfortable and he’s doing great thus far.

I looked at the rope things and was all “I can’t pull myself up!” and he was all “Have you tried?” and I was all “Well…no…” and then he was all “Then how do you know?!” and so I tried and I did and it was great because I’m doing these things. I am doing all of these things that I would never think that I could do and would never try on my own.

Some people go and work out and to them all of these things I’m doing would be no big deal whatsoever. But I’m not one of those people. And I, apparently, tell myself I can’t do things too frequently. One of my goals during this process will be to stop doing that.

I left the gym feeling tired, sore, beat up, but really good. I’m proud of myself and I’m feeling overall pretty good about what I’m doing for myself here.


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