Steps on a trail!

I’m not going to be able to continue the steps titling theme for long. I’m not even sure why I tried. Or started that. Or whatever. We’ll see. I shouldn’t say “I can’t.” That’s one of the lessons I’ve learned but more on that in another post…

So! On March 2nd I went with my friend, Liatt, on my first hike. We met at his house and he was way more prepared than I was. I had one bottle of water. He had these belt things that held two bottles of water for each of us. So, I strapped that on and off we went.

He took me to South Mountain. It was really very busy so we had to park out on the street.

We got out of the car and started walking and talking our way to the trailhead. Mostly at this point we were talking about how I don’t need to change my food choices right away. Or really all that drastically. That instead of me looking at cutting things out I need to, instead, look at just adding in some healthier options while cutting back on how much I eat. We both agree that too many changes all at once will not work for me. And we both agree that ice cream is too good to ever give up. How can you not agree with that?

By the time we even got to the trailhead, I was winded. And since I’d already thrown all of my shame out the window and am all about owning up to my current state of crap I pointed that out.

But onward we trekked! Up an incline. Not a large one but a steady one, for sure. With uneven but not really hard terrain. It was an excellent first hike location.

He’d already picked out where we’d turn around. There is a bench 1.2 miles into the trail that he set as our goal. I made it there easily, yet windedly. So we sat and we rested and we talked. We talked about the canyon hike, life, my goal to keep all of my teeth until the day that I die, and other sorts of things that friends sit on benches and talk about.

Then off we went back down. And it was good. He was very encouraging and was all “You just hiked 2.4 miles!” and things of that sort. But then I decided that the walk from the car counted, too. He agreed.

We hopped in the car and he drove up to the trailhead to get the mileage and it turns out that I hiked three 3.5 miles! Three! And a half! And I didn’t die. It felt good.

We went to his house and he showed me the photobooks he puts together for his girlfriend of all of their hikes and adventures to get me more excited about the canyon hike. And? Hiking in general!

On my way home I stopped at the store for some groceries. And part of those groceries were some fruit!fruitThat’s not really a hard addition to make right there. And I’m already looking forward to cantaloupe season and I need to get some pears and would you look at me that’s all pretty dang good.

So, there’s the story of my first hike.


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