The next steps

So I’m trying to play catch up to get everything that has already occurred documented and then I can just take it day by day. So for the next few days I’ll be a bit like Ted Mosby telling some stories.

The day that I was inspired to do the rim to rim hike I started Googling and reading lots of blogs and articles and sample itineraries of the hike. I went to Facebook and asked if I knew anyone who had done the hike.

During that days immediately following, I thought about it a lot. I talked about it a lot. And then finally that Friday I made contact with a friend of mine that hikes. I asked him if I could pick his brain about hiking and he said “Of course!” Well, first he said “Who is this?” because he likes to be hilarious. But then he said “Of course!” and off we went on some texting and emailing.

Over the course of these texts he was super encouraging and made me feel like it was absurd to even think I can’t hike the Grand Canyon. Even with as lazy as I am. Like, super lazy. But he persisted in being optimistic and encouraging. He told me all about REI and what a great resource the employees there would be. He told me all about his personal trainer, Tyler, and gave me his contact information. Then he invited me to go on a hike that Sunday.

Here is where I remind myself that I had told myself that finding people to hike with could, potentially, be the hardest part of getting ready to hike the canyon. Instead, as we will soon see, it was as easy as just having conversations with people. I may have learned a life lesson with this revelation. I have a hard time asking people to do things with me or for me. But sometimes, if you simply just open your mouth and start to talk, things just fall into place. People offer up time or assistance or all sorts of things. That’s just what people do, you know? Yeah…

So. In just under a week I’d gotten inspired to hike the Canyon from rim to rim, I did some research, I reached out to a person I know that hikes, and I accepted an invite to go on my first hike! And? I’d made contact with a personal trainer and made an appointment for the initial consultation! That’s serious commitment.

For reference, and my own documentation purposes, here’s the time line:

Sunday, February 23rd: Inspired to look at the hike. Asked the people of Facebook if any of them had been on this hike. Googled the rim to rim hike. Asked my friend about his Grand Canyon hikes.

That whole week: More Googling and thinking and pondering and reading. More feeling motivated and decided that yep, I want to pursue this for real.

Friday, February 28th: I reached out to my friend, Liatt, and received encouragement and information. We scheduled a hike. I contacted a personal trainer.

One wee week and my ball was rolling!


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