The first step

One day in late February I was being lazy on my couch and looking at Facebook on my phone. That’s a thing that I’d been doing for some long length of time. Being lazy. On my couch. Just me and my couch.

A girl I know is very much into being active and doing things like trapezery and circus school and she is always trying to recruit others to join her. I had thus far refrained. Because of lazy. And my couch is just really very comfortable. And I’m afraid of stuff. And lots of other lameness.

But then suddenly on this day in late February she poses the question: “What should I train for next?” since her last event was over. People left responses. I read the responses.

One response was a suggestion to hike the grand canyon rim to rim in a day. She indicated that she’d already done that and that it involves her dad because of logistics and that she hates to have to ask him and things of that sort. I volunteered to be the car so she wouldn’t have to ask her Dad. She asked why I wouldn’t just want to hike it.

So…I Googled. And I read blog posts. And I read sample itineraries. And I texted a friend of mine that hikes and asked him if hiking the canyon is something that I would be able to do. He says lots of good, encouraging things and off my mind went.

For the rest of that week I did more research and thinking and things of that sort until finally I had decided this was definitely something I want to do.

I’ve never been a hiker. I’m afraid of falling down and I can exhaust my entire body by being stiff with fear as I walk over uneven terrain or down a hill. I’m slow. I’m out of shape and get winded going up the incline. But for some reason hiking the Grand Canyon just seems like something I can tackle. Something I should tackle.

It seems that I was ready to get off of my couch. Ready to be motivated. I was inspired! Something that I hadn’t felt in a long, long time.

Once that decision was made action was taken. Lots and lots of action. Action that will take me from couch to canyon.


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